Notes on Pottery Clays: The Distribution, Proper Ties, Uses, and Analyses of Ball Clays, China Clays, and China Stone

Front Cover
Scott, Greenwood, 1901 - Clay - 132 pages

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Page 10 - DICTIONARY OF CHEMICALS AND RAW PRODUCTS USED IN THE MANUFACTURE OF PAINTS, COLOURS, VARNISHES AND ALLIED PREPARATIONS. By GEORGE H. HURST, FCS Demy 8vo. 380 pp. Price 7s. 6d. net. (Post free, 8s. home ; 8s. 6d. abroad.) THE MANUFACTURE OF LAKE PIGMENTS FROM ARTIFICIAL COLOURS. By FRANCIS H. JENNISON, FIC, FCS Sixteen Coloured Plates, showing Specimens of Eighty-nine Colours, specially prepared from the Recipes given in the Book.
Page 10 - General Data.— Customary Formulae.— Memento. Practical Part. General Data bearing on Petroleum. — Glossary of Technical Terms used in the Petroleum Industry. — Copious Index.
Page 16 - RECIPES FOR FLINT GLASS MAKING. By a British Glass Master and Mixer. Sixty Recipes. Being Leaves from the Mixing Book of several experts in the Flint Glass Trade, containing up-to-date recipes and valuable information as to Crystal, Demi-crystal and Coloured Glass in its many varieties. It contains the recipes for cheap metal suited to pressing, blowing, etc., as well as the most costly crystal and ruby. British manufacturers have kept up the quality of this glass from the arrivals of the Venetians...
Page 9 - Carpentry, Veneering, Paper-Making, Bookbinding, Printing Rollers, Hectographs, Match Manufacture, Sandpaper, etc., Substitutes for other Materials, Artificial Leather and Caoutchouc — Gelatine : General Characters, Liquid Gelatine, Photographic Uses, Size, Tanno-, Chrome and Formo-Gelatine, Artificial Silk, Cements, Pneumatic Tyres, Culinary, Meat Extracts, Isinglass, Medicinal and other Uses, Bacteriology— Glue Testing : Review of Processes, Chemical Examination, Adulteration, Physical Tests,...
Page 16 - British manufacturers have kept up the quality of this glass from the arrivals of the Venetians to Hungry Hill, Stourbridge, up to the present time. The book also contains remarks as to the result of the metal as it left the pots by the respective metal mixers, taken from their own memoranda upon the originals.
Page 10 - PURE AIR, OZONE AND WATER. A Practical Treatise of their Utilisation and Value in Oil, Grease, Soap, Paint, Glue and other Industries. By WB COWELL. Twelve Illustrations. Crown 8vo. 85 pp. Price 5s. net. (Post free, 5s.
Page 28 - COLOUR MATCHING ON TEXTILES. A Manual intended for the use of Students of Colour Chemistry, Dyeing and Textile Printing. By DAVID PATERSON, FCS Coloured Frontispiece. Twenty-nine Illustrations and Fourteen Specimens Of Dyed Fabrics. Demy 8vo. 132 pp.
Page 3 - Vegetable Fats and Oils: Their Practical Preparation, Purification and Employment for Various Purposes. Their Properties, Adulteration and Examination. A Handbook for Oil Manufacturers and Refiners, Candle, Soap and Lubricatingoil Manufacturers, and the Oil and Fat Industry in general. Translated from the German. With 94 illus. 8vo, cloth net, $4.00 Animal Fats and Oils.
Page 30 - GAS AND COAL DUST FIRING. A Critical Review of the Various Appliances Patented in Germany for this purpose since 1885. By ALBERT PUTSCH. 130 pp. Demy 8vo. 1901. Translated from the German. With 103 Illustrations.
Page 4 - THE MANUFACTURE OF ALUM AND THE SULPHATES AND OTHER SALTS OF ALUMINA AND IRON. Their Uses and Applications as Mordants in Dyeing and Calico Printing, and their other Applications in the Arts Manufactures, Sanitary Engineering, Agriculture and Horticulture. Translated from the French of LUCIEN GESCHWIND. 195 Illustrations.

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