Notes on the Herons of the District of Columbia,

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Smithsonian Institution, 1903 - Birds - 8 pages
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Page 101 - ... decided head-crest of somewhat lighter color than the body-down, which gives to them a grotesque if not formidable appearance. Young herons grow very rapidly. Three days after hatching they are much increased in size, having considerably longer down and the first indications of pin-feathers (plate xxxin, 4). By the end of the first week they are fairly bristling with pin-feathers and the feathertracts have become strongly marked (plate xxxiv, i). On the tenth day (plate xxxiv, 2) many of the...
Page 107 - ... sitting hen which has been suddenly dipped into a barrel of cold water and then released. Fish seem to form the chief article of the heron's diet, and the little yellow perch appears to contribute the largest share ; at least this was the conclusion reached from an examination of the contribution^ and accidentally dropped material.
Page 101 - ... birds have their breeding grounds within the District and a fourth has been reported only a short distance beyond its limits. All of these are in small, dense pine coppices. In 1902 I visited two of these at various times while tenanted. In the latter part of April most of the nests, which were...
Page 106 - ... twig with their toes, usually with success. A bird may even strike a branch with its neck, in which case this member is instantly crooked and serves as a hook to hold him until he regains his balance. The feeding is all done at night, and it is interesting to be in the colony after...
Page 106 - An adult. (plate xxxiv, 3) ; they are now almost as large as their parents, but quite differently colored, bearing still the little ivory tip at the point of the bill. Leaving the nest, they climb into the branches, a very praiseworthy act, for the old home and immediate surroundings have been thoroughly fouled by the combined wastes of the whole family, the nest, its supporting...
Page 107 - THy^ i. Two young Green Herons 24 hours old and two addled eggs. 2. Twelve days old — on the defense.

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