Nothing But Time Memoirs

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AuthorHouse, Jul 1, 2012 - Fiction - 530 pages
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The L.O.M (Land of Miracles) &Women of The L.O.M. is Otradom PeloGo's, after traveling from the US to the Middle East and Europe, explanation of a people trying to work together (globalize) from the neighborhood where he grew up in rural Texas, to the complex affair of trying to piece together the different phases, while driving through the streets of postwar Iraq, to the epitome of globalization and foreign trade in one of it's neighboring countries in a city called Dubai in the U.A.E.  But war and capitalism in the Middle East and Europe is only made discernable after meeting, like back in America, the people that make up its' backbone of families, the builders of roads and skyscrapers; and now by those who has become a part of his life. 

            With a combination of poetry and short stories branching out from the foundation of the book called (I Come From The Land of Miracles), he explains the plight of homelessness of children specifically (section titled Children and AMCS) and families in what he terms as A Most Complex Situation (AMCS) and the auspices of trying to overcome it, to the plight of a group of young women who has migrated from Europe to the Middle East (and visa versa) as well as other parts of the world in the section titled Women of The L.O.M., while using his own life, his family and the world that he now lives in back in America to make prudent and empathetic comparisons. 

            From Holland to Germany and to France, juxtaposed to the diverse Middle East, and his own country, he tries to add methodology to these different parts of globalization where some are viewed as protectionist societies trying to choose between limited globalization, (only when it's necessary) and those who are viewed as trying to bring it about more quickly.  

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I'm engaged in the book purely because I see an opportunity to share this with other young people trying to make a change in their lives. This book portrays the consequences of two boys caught up in the game, the hustle of the projects and trying to impress first their peers caught up in that hustle and then, sharing their circumstances, in hopes of saving others from the circumstances of unforgiving choices. I grieve for the people that suffered from their poor and unthoughtful decisions but I believe that Nothing But Time Memoirs can change the direction of someone looking to change their life. 

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About the author (2012)

I was born the eldest of seven children in Merced, California. When I was still young, my family relocated to Pittsburg, California. I graduated from Pittsburg High School in 1969. I also attended Contra Costa College, where I obtained an Associate of Arts Degree. I have three children and four grandchildren I adore. When they are little, you carry them on your hip; when they're older, you carry them on your heart. Little did I know God had a plan for me. I wrote short stories and poems, and here I am, sharing my life story with the world. Those short stories paid off. You never know what you are made of until you have been through something. Currently, I'm an activist for men and women in prison and my life's companion is Lex, my toy poodle. I have always wanted to be comfortable, healthy, and a good mother. I worked at a supermarket for fifteen years prior to an early retirement from various health issues. In 2006, both of my sons were sentenced to many years in prison. I always wondered if my sons would ever see each other again. In May of 2011, my sons finally crossed paths after seven years in the institution. They looked into one another's eyes to say, "I love you" from 20 feet away. Shortly after, Briddle was transferred to another state facility. God gave me my heart's desire. In the name of Jesus! I am one of many good law abiding citizens whom would hear the word, convict, or prisoner, and I'm sorry to say, I was the first to judge that man or woman as well. Now, I have honestly learned the meaning of Mathew 7:1-5. Then I lost my children and family members to the California Correctional Institution better known as the "penitentiary." Now I look at these men and women in a different light. With that being said, many people do belong in prison to protect our citizens from harm who commit crimes. However, not all people who make poor choices are deemed as monsters, in which have served their time... They should have a second chance at freedom. Children aren't born bad, it's there environment and how they are groomed to fit into our society. Although, I'm not stating that their crimes are justifiable for their poor choices, but a man or woman's heart can be cleansed through the power of our heavenly father. Who could've ever told me I would find my soul mate behind prison walls, "BAM"! I can honestly say I'm happy with my life choices! Think about it, you can't help whom God place in your life. Only God knows freedom, and happiness all comes from choices. I have written this book as therapy to my soul and heart. My purpose in writing this book is to leave a legacy to my beautiful children and my precious grandchildren. This book has also been written to touch as many men and women in prison as possible, and encourage them to look to the Lord and to make wise decisions throughout their entire lives. I plan to live out my life and continue being a life coach to the men and women behind the prison walls. All of these young men will finally come home and be a living testimony for the Lord. (1st Corinthians 7: 19-24) Dam

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