Novels, Stories, Sketches and Poems, Volume 14

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Scribner, 1909
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Page 107 - Thou wast not born for death, immortal Bird! No hungry generations tread thee down; The voice I hear this passing night was heard In ancient days by emperor and clown: Perhaps the self-same song that found a path Through the sad heart of Ruth, when, sick for home She stood in tears amid the alien corn; The same that oft-times hath Charm'd magic casements, opening on the foam Of perilous seas, in faery lands forlorn.
Page 29 - Well, I am sure I am very much obliged to you," said the old woman, who suddenly appeared much inspirited.
Page 107 - No, I never did. I was there only a short time." "I'd like to hear the self-same song 'that found a path through the sad heart of Ruth when, sick for home, she stood in tears amid the alien corn.' " I brought him back with a question as to how he had got on in the West. "Better than in the East,
Page 11 - Well, let's try. I'm game for it." "All ri-ight," with a little snap in his eye. If, however, Mr. Silas Freeman did not show any curiosity as to our movements he was one of the few persons we saw who did not. The object of our coming was evidently known to the population at large, or to such portion of it as we saw. They peered at us from the porches of the white houses under the big elms, or from the stoops of the stores, where they stood bundled up in rough furs and comforters, and, turning as...
Page 15 - I guess that's F'lissy God'in's rose-bush," said Mr. Freeman, who had followed us in our tour of inspection, now with an inscrutable look of reserve, now with one of humorous indulgence. "Who is F'lissy Godwin?" asked Mrs. Davison, still bending over the twist of straw. "She's one of 'em — she's the one as lives down the road a piece in that little old house under the hill you saw.
Page 23 - She is rather citified," he agreed, "but she can't help that, and she ain'ta bit airified." I was present on an occasion when one of the first evidences of her gradual breaking into the charmed circle came. The work on the house was progressing rapidly. Rotted pediments, broken window frames, unsound cornices, lost spindles, being replaced by their exact counterparts; each bit that needed renewal or repair being restored with absolute fidelity under her keen eyes. And all the time she was rummaging...
Page 193 - Yes, she has looks enough," said the Doctor, dryly, and changed the subject. It was not long after this visit to the Doctor that I received one morning the telegram I have mentioned, inviting me to join him in a holiday on the Maine coast, an invitation which I promptly accepted; for the old ties that bound us held firmly. The place which he had selected was a little village of white or gray cottages, clustered under great elms, on a rocky slope facing south, above a pretty little landlocked harbor,...
Page 33 - Her face was pale even through the weather-beaten tint of her faded cheek, and her eyes followed Mrs. Davison with mute appeal. But in a little space she recovered her self-possession; her head rose; her pallor gave way to something that was almost color, and she helped my cousin with what was quite an air. My cousin could not have done a cleverer thing than place her at the tea-table. Silas Freeman expressed the general judgment. When he was bidding her good-by he said, with a kindly light in his...
Page 18 - ... on her cheeks. I found the big library table covered with photographs of the place and the house, inside and out, and if there was a spot on the table not covered by a photograph it held a book on gardening. "Well, I have it.
Page 198 - Why don't you let her play in the sand?" he demanded of the nurse when he brought her back. " She don't care to play much these days, and she gets her dress so soiled." The Doctor growled. " I thought so." When he came home it was to hold a conference with Mrs. Dow, and that evening I heard that stern and unbending guardian of her own rights singing his praises to one of her serious-faced neighbors in terms of eulogy which would have surprised the departed Captain, whose name in the household was...

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