Nuclear Disarmament in International Law

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McFarland, Feb 1, 2000 - History - 237 pages
When German physicists Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassman first split the uranium atom in 1938, they might have little imagined the potential power their experiments had unleashed. Since the United States successfully detonated the first atomic weapons in 1945, the entire world has lived in fear of annihilation. Technological advances in weaponry and, importantly, their delivery systems have only heightened the sense of dread. Yet, since the end of World War II, world governments have been unable to agree on a strategy for nuclear disarmament. This led first to the Cold War and ultimately to the proliferation of nuclear weapons throughout the world. This work examines the nuclear question within the framework of international law. The advent of the nuclear age and its impact on postwar peace and law is first covered. This is followed by analyses of the initial United Nations disarmament initiatives and the reasons they were doomed from the start. The globalization of the Cold War, the expansion of the nuclear arms race, and the START treaties and the legacy of 1970s-era detente efforts in the years leading up to the end of the Cold War are then detailed. How the United Nations reacted to the end of the Cold War and the prospects for disarmament in the 21st century are the subjects of the concluding section.


The Advent of the Nuclear Age and Its Impact on the Postwar World Peace and Legal Order
Cold War Superpower Nuclear Armaments and United Nations Nuclear Disarmament Initiatives 19451950
Globalization of the Cold War Expansion of the Superpower Nuclear Arms Race and United Nations Nuclear Disarmament Efforts 19511962
Escalation of the Nuclear Arms Race and the Detente Legal Process 19631975
United Nations Nuclear Disarmament Legal Initiatives and the Development of the United Nations Law of Regional and Global Nuclear Weapons No...
Continuation of the Superpowers Nuclear Arms Race and Their Arms Control and Disarmament Legal Process 19761985
United Nations Nuclear Disarmament Efforts and the Expansion of the United Nations Law of Arms Control and Regional Nuclear Weapon Nonproli...
The End of the Cold War the End of the Soviet Union and the Beginning of Superpower Nuclear Disarmament 19861997 The INF and START Trea...
The End of the Cold War the United Nations and GlobalNuclear Disarmament 19861997
Concluding Remarks and an Analysis of Future Prospects

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Haralambos Athanasopulos, Ph.D. international law, is an attorney practicing in Washington, D.C. He is also the author of Greece, Turkey and the Aegean Sea (2001).

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