Nuclear Envelope Dynamics in Prophase and Prometaphase

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Library and Archives Canada, 2006 - 235 pages
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The interface between the nucleus and cytoplasm is defined by the nuclear envelope (NE). This organelle is composed of four morphologically identifiable elements. These include inner and outer nuclear membranes (INM and ONM), nuclear pore complexes (NPCs) and nuclear lamina. While the ONM forms part of the endoplasmic reticulum, the INM contains a unique spectrum of membrane proteins and is closely associated with underlying chromatin. The NPCs, form channels that span both of these nuclear membranes and mediate the exchange of macromolecules across the NE. The nuclear lamina is considered to provide a structural framework for the INM and NPCs and contributes anchoring sites at the nuclear periphery for heterochromatin domains. During mitosis in higher cells the NE undergoes a cycle of disassembly followed by reassembly.

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