Nufoam: The Bubbles' Might

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iUniverse, Apr 2, 2010 - Fiction
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Scientists at the National Institute of Technology (NIT), a secret defense laboratory in a small California town, launch a program to develop and deploy a missile defense system based on the neutron-quenching properties of a foam material they name NuFoam. Despite a series of setbacks that include laboratory mishaps, a huge peace demonstration at the site, and staff and management missteps, NuFoam is successfully deployed in the nation's capital. Meanwhile, a chess player, embittered by rule changes promulgated in the fifteenth century, travels to Kiev and buys a Soviet-era, mid-range nuclear missile, intending to use it to trigger a nuclear exchange between the ex-superpowers. The chess player and his girlfriend, a beautiful Ukrainian ballerina, drive the missile, disguised as a mobile shoe store, across the western United States pursued by a Finnish secret agent, an angry chess club director, a New Jersey real estate broker, and the Public Affairs Manager of the NIT. With the help of computer models and Federal, State, and local law enforcement, the miscreants are cornered in the Buffalo River National Forest in northwestern Arkansas, where helicopters, sidewinders, and bullets fly when the missile is inadvertently launched by bored teenagers.

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