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Saddleback Educational Publ, Aug 1, 2006 - Language Arts & Disciplines - 44 pages
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Struggling readers frequently lack basic reading skills and are not equipped with the prior knowledge and reading strategies to thoroughly engage in the classroom literature experience. Give your students the background and support they need to understand and enjoy literature. With these reading guides, your students will practice reading comprehension skills, sharpen their vocabulary, and learn to identify literary elements. Paperback books range in reading level from 4 to 10. Reproducible. Contents Include: Teacher and student support materials, reproducible student activity sheets, an end-of-book test, and an answer key. Each reading guide divides the novel into six manageable units. Prepares all students for reading success through activating prior knowledge. Focuses reading with guiding "Questions to Think About". Build vocabulary with pre-reading and during-reading activities.

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I Chapters 13
Build Your Vocabulary
Multiple Choice
Short Answer
Deepen Your Understanding
II Chapters 46
Build Your Vocabulary
Multiple Choice
Multiple Choice
Short Answer
Deepen Your Understanding
V Chapters 1315
Build Your Vocabulary
Multiple Choice
Short Answer
Deepen Your Understanding

Short Answer
Deepen Your Understanding
III Chapters 79
Build Your Vocabulary
Multiple Choice
Short Answer
Deepen Your Understanding
IV Chapters 1012
Build Your Vocabulary
VI Chapter 16Afterword
Build Your Vocabulary
Multiple Choice
Short Answer
Deepen Your Understanding
EndofBook Test
Answer Key

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Page 7 - Jewish congregation. 2006 SADDLEBACK EDUCATIONAL PUBLISHING DATE 1 1. CHAPTERS 4-6 BEFORE READ i NG Focus Your Reading The following questions will help you understand the meaning of what you read. You do not have to write out the answers to these questions. Instead, look at them before you begin reading, and think about them while you are reading.
Page 42 - Build Your Vocabulary Wording and definitions may vary. Students may remember the definitions given in the Vocabulary Words to Know section of Focus Your Reading, or they may refine the definitions based on the context and the reading overall. Students
Page 18 - AFTER READI NG Deepen Your Understanding Redheaded Peter, her sister's fiance, had not married anyone in the years since Lise's death. He had changed a great deal. Once he had been like a fun-loving older brother to Annemarie and Kirsti, teasing and tickling, always a source of foolishness and pranks. . . . He no longer sang the nonsense songs that had once made Annemarie and Kirsti shriek with laughter. And he never lingered anymore.
Page 7 - Focus Your Reading ... Study the following words and definitions. You will meet these words in your reading. Be sure to jot down in your word journal any other unknown words from the reading. glowering — looking angry and sullen; frowning exasperated — irritated; fed up with disdainfully — with scorn; in a way that looks down on someone else magnificent — very beautiful and grand belligerently — in a hostile or warlike manner submerged — covered by water dubiously — doubtfully; in a...
Page 33 - Read the sentences below. On the line, write your definition of the word in bold type. Then, on another sheet of paper, use that word in a new sentence of your own. 1. "But the noise from Blossom, forgotten, unmilked, uncomfortable, in the barn, had sent Annemarie warily out with the milking bucket." warily: 2. '"The hiding places are carefully concealed, and often we pile dead fish on the deck as well.'" concealed: 3. "But Annemarie forced herself to think of her redheaded almost-brother, and how...
Page 7 - Here is some background information about this section of the book. Gone With the Wind was first a best-selling novel (published in 1936), then a blockbuster movie (produced in 1939). The story revolves around a feisty American southern belle named Scarlett O'Hara, who survives the burning of her family's plantation during the Civil War and works fiercely to regain the family fortune during Reconstruction. Tivoli Gardens, located in the center of Copenhagen, was built in 1843 as an amusement park....
Page 15 - He was kneeling on the straw-covered floor beside the cow, his shoulder pressed against her heavy side, his strong tanned hands rhythmically urging her milk into the spotless bucket." rhythmically: 6. "His strong hands continued, deftly pressing like a pulse against the cow." deftly: 7. "'It is the hearse,
Page 39 - Test (continued) 17. What does Annemarie say to the soldier who asks if there is any meat in her basket? a. She says that her little sister has eaten it all at dinner. b. She says that the German army eats all of Denmark's meat. c. She says that Uncle Henrik doesn't like meat for his lunch.
Page 9 - Bonnie, and she can ride on the carousel.' " her parents had taken her there, often, when she was a little girl. She remembered the music and the brightly colored lights, the carousel and ice cream and especially the magnificent fireworks in the evenings: the huge colored splashes and bursts of lights in the evening sky. "I remember the fireworks best of all,

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