Our Invisible Bodies

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Trafford Publishing, 2006 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 228 pages
Do you survive the death of your physical body? What is the nature of the next body and the universe you will inhabit?
There is growing evidence that human beings possess a series of very high frequency liquid-crystal electromagnetic bodies; which are ordinarily invisible and survive the death of our physical bodies. The next world most human beings will find themselves in is not in some far-out galaxy but on this very Earth; in higher frequency spheres which share the same space and gravitational field as our familiar Earth - consistent with 'M Theory'. This book provides detailed descriptions of how bodies in these other worlds operate using electromagnetic forces - consistent with the latest scientific theories in plasma cosmology, plasma crystal technology, supersymmetry, holographic and dark matter theories. There are startling correlations and findings never before published. It is not yet another book about the "aura," the "astral body" or "qi" - it offers conceptual solutions and breakthroughs in understanding the nature of these matters. A credible, self-consistent and integrated conceptual framework is presented for future researchers; marrying the hottest topic in Science - dark matter; with the hottest topic in Religion - post-mortem consciousness.

For more information about the book please visit the Author's site at www.plasmametaphysics.com

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