O Investigador portuguez em Inglaterra: ou, Jornal literário, político, &c, Nide 7

Impresso por T. C. Hansard, 1813

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Sivu 621 - The Life of Luther, with an Account of the early progress of the Reformation.
Sivu 612 - Holmes, Abiel. American Annals, or a Chronological History of America, from its discovery in 1492 to 1806, with additions and corrections by the Author.
Sivu 621 - A Narrative of the Proceedings of the Society called Quakers, within the Quarterly Meeting for London and Middlesex, against Thomas Foster, for openly professing their Primitive Doctrines concerning the Unity of God.
Sivu 622 - A COURSE of PRACTICAL SERMONS, expressly adapted to be read in Families.
Sivu 610 - Shakespeare ; with the Corrections and Illustrations of various Commentators. To which are added, Notes by Samuel Johnson and George Steevens. Revised and augmented by Isaac Reed. With a Glossarial Index.
Sivu 615 - Laesa, containing specimens of every disease which is attended with change of structure in these Parts, and exhibiting the injuries from the Bougie, Catheter, Caustic, Trochar, and Lithotomy Knife, incautiously used ; with Observations. By Charles Bell. Imperial Folio, ll 16s sewed Tracts on the Gout, &c.
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Sivu 608 - Picturesque Views and Scenery of Norway, Part III., containing Ten Plates, carefully engraved and coloured, closely to imitate the Original Drawings ; with appropriate Letter-press Descriptions of a Collection of Prints, containing Views of the principal Sea-port Towns from the Naze (by the route of Christiana,) to the magnificent Pass of the Swinesund ; including nearly the whole of the Western and Southern parts of the country.
Sivu 615 - Historical, Military, and Picturesque Observations on Portugal; illustrated by numerous coloured Views, and authentic Plans of all the Sieges and Battles fought in the Peninsula during the present War.
Sivu 600 - ... for each ship must be collected and fastened together, to which shall be annexed a paper, with the number of the cockets, sealed with the official seal, and signed by the searchers ; the cockets, so collected, shall be produced, together with the manifest sworn to by the captain, to the Portuguese...

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