O Susan!: Looking Forward with Hope After the Death of a Child

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Hope Publishing House, 1990 - 115 من الصفحات
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A true classic on the meaning of hope when confronted by the death of the young.
For a decade people have been asking, "Where can I borrow, buy or get my hands on a copy of one of the best books ever written about sudden sorrow?"
Now available in an updated edition, this book is a wonderful guide for those who face the reorganization of their lives following the death of a loved one.
Susan Elizabeth Angell, 21, a Pomona College senior, was killed a few short weeks before she was to graduate as a violin major. Word reached the Angell family just as dawn broke over the San Bernardino mountains on Easter morning. Susan, driving back from a camping trip at the Grand Canyon in order to arrive in time to join the Easter festivities and enjoy the family dinner, had fallen asleep at the wheel.
Jim Angell's sermon was ready, but was his faith prepared for such tragic news? His story, a survival manual too long out of print, is finally available again.

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Long-time Presbyterian minister James W. Angell served congregations fro New York to California. He has authored several books including "When God Made You He Knew What He Was Doing"; "Dare to Hope"; and "Put Your Arms Around the City.

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