Observaciones del Relator Especial de Naciones Unidas sobre los derechos de los pueblos indígenas sobre la situación de los derechos de los pueblos indígenas de Guatemala en relación con los proyectos extractivos, y otro tipo de proyectos, en sus territorios tradicionales

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"Currently in Guatemala, the business activities under way in the traditional territories of the indigenous peoples have generated a highly unstable atmosphere of social conflict, which is having a serious impact on the rights of the indigenous people and threatening the country's governance and economic development. The repercussions include numerous allegations concerning the effects on the health and the environment of the indigenous people as a result of the pollution caused by the extractive activities; the loss of indigenous lands and damage to indigenous people's property and houses; the disproportionate response to legitimate acts of social protest, and the harassment of and attacks on human rights defenders and community leaders. In the report, the Special Rapporteur ... emphasizes the alarming lack of legal protection for the rights of indigenous people over their traditional lands and territories."--Summary.

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