Oeuvres complètes de J. J. Rousseau: Partition de Devin du village

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עמוד 256 - What happy hours of heart-felt bliss Did love on both bestow ! But bliss too mighty long to last, Where fortune proves a foe : His sister, who, like Envy form'd, Like her in mischief joy'd, To work them harm with wicked skill Each darker art employ'd. The father, too, a sordid man, Who love nor pity knew, Was all unfeeling as the rock •• From whence his riches grew.
עמוד 255 - And though by all a wonder own'd, Yet knew not she was fair. Till Edwin came, the pride of swains, A soul devoid of art ; And from whose eye, serenely mild, Shone forth the feeling heart.
עמוד 257 - She came, — his cold hand softly touch'd, And bath'd with many a tear : Fast falling o'er the primrose pale, So morning dews appear. But oh ! his sister's jealous care (A cruel sister she !) Forbade what Emma came to say, — "My Edwin, live for me!
עמוד 254 - FAR in the windings of a vale, Fast by a sheltering wood, The safe retreat of Health and Peace, An humble cottage stood. There beauteous Emma flourish'd fair, Beneath a mother's eye ; Whose only wish on Earth was now To see her blest, and die. The softest blush that Nature spreads Gave colour to her cheek : Such orient colour smiles through Heaven, When vernal mornings break. Nor let the pride...
עמוד 256 - Deny'd her sight, he oft behind The spreading hawthorn crept, To snatch a glance, to mark the spot Where Emma walk'd and wept. Oft, too, on Stanmore's wintry waste, Beneath the moonlight shade, In sighs to pour his soften'd soul, The midnight mourner stray'd.
עמוד 233 - BIEN heureux qui peut passer sa vie Entre les siens, franc de haine et d'envie, Parmy les champs, les forests et les bois, Loin du tumulte et du bruit populaire; Et qui ne vend sa liberté pour plaire Aux passions des princes et des rois...
עמוד 258 - Alone, appall'd, thus had she pass'd The visionary vale — When lo ! the death-bell smote her ear, Sad sounding in the gale ! Just then she...
עמוד 234 - N'engageant point ma chère liberté : Et quelques laqs que ce dieu puisse faire Pour m'attraper, quand je m'en veux distraire, J'ay le pouvoir comme la volonté. Douces brebis, mes fidelles compagnes, Hayes, buissons, forests, prez et montagnes, Soyez témoins de mon contentement: Et vous, ô dieux! faites, je vous supplie, Que, cependant que durera ma vie, Je ne connoisse un autre changement.

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