Official Proceedings, Volume 16

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Page 53 - The proceedings, or such -portion thereof as the Executive Committee shall decide, of the regular meetings of the Club, shall be published (standard size, 6x9 inches) and mailed to the members of the Club and to members of other similar clubs with whom exchange is made.
Page 50 - ... of the committee proposing them. A member may vote by making a cross with pen or pencil before the name of each candidate for whom he wishes to vote. Ballots containing more names so marked than there are offices to be filled are defective and will be rejected by the tellers.
Page 50 - September 15th, the names of consenting nominees for the elective offices next falling vacant under the Constitution. Upon the request of any Member or Associate, the Secretary shall furnish to the applicant the names of such nominees.
Page 52 - ORDER OF BUSINESS. The order of business shall be as follows : 1. Roll call. , 2. Reading minutes of previous meeting.
Page 50 - Declaration final. 18. If as the result of the proceedings of the Meeting a poll has not to be taken, the declaration of the Chairman as to the election of the candidates who have received the largest number of votes shall be final, and shall not be questioned in any proceeding whatever on the ground that the persons declared to be elected, or any of them, were not duly elected by a majority of lawful votes.
Page 396 - I do not know that I can add anything to what has been already said in the text of the Lecture on this point.
Page 49 - The executive committee shall exercise a general supervision over the interests and affairs of the Association, recommend the amount of the annual...
Page 49 - ... conduct the general conventions, and to make all necessary purchases, expenditures and contracts required to conduct the current business of the Association, but shall have no power to make the Association liable for any debt to...
Page 48 - The object of this Club shall be the advancement and dissemination by means of reports, papers, investigations and discussions, of knowledge concerning the construction, operation, and maintenance of railroads and railroad equipment, and the cultivation of sociability among its members.
Page 24 - ... Always put one of the improvised splints on either side of the limb, then tie a bandage over the splints at either extremity and in the middle. If there be a wound treat it according to the foregoing rules and then apply the splints, using some clean "waste" as padding or some strips torn from clothing. If there be no wound apply the splints over the trousers or sleeve. If nothing of any kind can be obtained to make a splint, tie the fractured leg or thigh to the sound one, or the fractured arm...

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