On Buds and Stipules

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K. Paul, Trench, Trübner & Company, Limited, 1899 - 239 pagini

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Pagina 233 - So careless of the single life, So careful of the type she seems, and will be more and more struck with wonder and admiration at the variety and beauty of the provisions by which Nature preserves these tender and precious buds from the severity of winter, and prepares with loving care and rich profusion for the bright promise of spring and the glorious pageant of summer.
Pagina 194 - ASSISTANCE IN CLIMBING There are two ways in which stipules may assist in this respect, viz. (1) by being developed into tendrils, or (2) into more or less reversed spines. The case of the tendrils of Smilax is one which has occasioned much discussion, but I agree with Tyler (24) that the embryological, together with the anatomical, characters indicate that in Smilax the tendrils are true stipules, found in connection with the sheathing petiole. In Paliurvs australis (fig.
Pagina 4 - The figure also shows how admirably the peculiar form of the leaf is adapted to their mode of growth. In many other plants also the leaves, as they develop, successively protect the younger ones. A somewhat similar case is afforded by Uvaria (figs. 105, 106, p. 70) ; and also by common Rhubarb, FIG.

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