On Creativity

Routledge, 1998 - 125 pagina's
David Bohm is widely recognized for his significant contributions to the discussion on the relationship between art and science. On Creativityis a collection of essays by Bohm, which are all related directly to the nature of creativity - primarily the latent creativity in the human mind, but interestingly enough, to the creativity in nature and the universe at large as well.
A significant portion of the material draws overtly from Bohm's perceptions as a practising scientist - his notions of what underlies a paradigm shift, or how laws of nature, theories and hypotheses are perceived, rationalized and axiomatized. However, the novelty and appeal of Bohm's views of these processes is the suggestion that the work of the visual artist is remarkably similar to that of the scientist. He explores these similarities at length and even goes so far as to suggest that the creative processes of the scientist and the artist are at work in every person.
On Creativityis a fascinating read for Bohm aficionados and for those interested in exploring the relation between creativity in art and science.

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