On Change: A Farce in Three Acts

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S. French - 53 pages

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Page 18 - VIR. [Half scared] I think it would be more friendly if you were to sit down. JACK. Yes. [On edge of chair] Sometimes I can talk. There was last Saturday, I came to ask your father about — potash, and you came in — and we were alone! And I began to explain to you. [She turns her head away, he rises] There! you're angry again? VIR. No, I'm not. JACK. You tur-turned your head away. VIR. Then, I'll look at you. JACK. [Sits again] Please don't — it drives all my wits away. What was I saying? VIR....
Page 14 - fluctuates," and I dance in doubt. Then it takes a "plunge," and I sell, then it "rallies," and my misery begins again. [Loofo at paper] "Lake Shore," that's another concern I've dipped into. They told me on the street it was a lively stock; money to be made in it by a man of brains. Well, I invested and found it so lively I couldn't catch anything for a week. Then it "declined
Page 21 - What's CC and IC? PROF. Coffee, cakes and ice cream. MRS. C. I won't have it. I want money. PROF. [Carefully selecting three or four pieces of currency] Well, there, hold your apron. There's a dollar and a half; now go and buy just as many bonnets as you want to. MRS. C. Cornelius, you are becoming a miser. You are amassing wealth and concealing it from your wife. PROF. [/?.] Well, somebody must save. You don't. You drain me of every dollar. First it's for Virgie, then it's for yourself — then...
Page 10 - PROF. Got home? Where has she been? CAW. Where has she been? Why, to school for the last four years 1 PROF. Oh, ah — yes — when is she going back? CAW. Why, she's home for good. Wake up — wake up, old boy. Come down from the planets. PROF. Well, why didn't you say so at first? Bless my soul, how you do keep things to yourself. [Crosses to RC] Luc. [To Mrs.
Page 13 - ... your challenge. [Rises and buttons his coat] You have treated me systematically like a child. I will show you that it is child's play to make money. For the next four weeks I shall descend to your petty trade of haggling and shaving. CAW. You believe that fortunes are made by haggling and shaving? I warn you that all your gigantic intellect will be taxed to escape with the clothes on your back and the hair on your head. PROF. [Getting warm] Pah!
Page 49 - That I love you with all my heart, with all my, soul ! IBIS. You love me so much as all that ? JOB. My love, tell me that you — that it will not b...
Page 13 - ... book as you, any day. PROF. [Excited, up and down stage] Could they? CAW. [Ditto] It's nothing but paste and ink, after all. I do more writing than you every day. PROF. [Ditto] Writing! Bills! Checks! Notes! Rags— nothing but rags. It takes no genius to cheat, I fancy. CAW. [Ditto] Cheat! This is too much. In four weeks you'll — But don't come near me when the money's gone! PROF. Now you're throwing your paltry three hundred dollars in my face. CAW. You're out of your senses. PROF. Now don't...

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