On heat, in its relations to water and steam

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Pagina 24 - the others more, accordingly as they increase in weight and " complexity. An inquiry into the relative weights of the " ultimate particles of bodies is a subject, as far as I know, " entirely new. I have lately been prosecuting this inquiry with " remarkable success.
Pagina 24 - persuaded that the circumstance depends upon the weight and " number of the ultimate particles of the several gases, those " whose particles are lightest and single being less absorbable, and
Pagina 126 - glass vessel was becoming nearly boiling hot. The water in the " glass vessel was then found to have gained an addition of about " one-sixth part from the condensed steam. Consequently, water " converted into steam, can heat about six times its own weight " of well water to 212°, or till it can condense no more steam.
Pagina 126 - pursuits of business, if I had heard it, I had not " attended to it, when I thus stumbled upon one of the material " facts by which that beautiful theory is supported.
Pagina 73 - by the tubulature, it is probable that the consequent " burst of vapour would be so instantaneous and strong as to do " more harm than the bumping itself. " The safer method is, to remove the source of heat for a " moment; then, opening the tubulature to introduce a platina
Pagina 18 - substance in such a condition that the total pressure exerted by " any number of portions of it at a given temperature, against " the sides of a vessel in which they are enclosed, is the sum of
Pagina 164 - portion not much, if at all, below the water line." 2. " The escape of the free steam from the steam chamber, and " the consequent removal of a considerable part of the pressure " upon the water, before its contained heat can overcome its " inertia, and permit the disengagement of additional steam." 3
Pagina 25 - the first is that the quantity of gas absorbed " is, as the density or pressure. This was discovered by Mr. " William Henry, before either he or I had formed any theory on " the subject. The other is, that the density of the gas in the " water has a special relation to that out of
Pagina 120 - which, nevertheless, seems inconsistent with a perfect vacuum, was probably occasioned by finding that that was, practically, the lowest temperature he was able to obtain. He then concludes :—" The gain would be double. First, no steam would " be condensed on entering the cylinder, and secondly, the power " exerted would be greater as the steam was more cooled. The
Pagina 72 - up loosely, or platina and silver filings, are then very " useful; so, also, is a fragment of cork or a piece of torn " cartridge paper, any of which will generally cause the regular and tranquil evolution of vapour, and occasion the distillation " to proceed quietly and satisfactorily.

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