On Heredity in Relation to Disease: The Harveian Oration for 1908, Delivered Before the Royal College of Physicians of London on October 19th, 1908

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Page 16 - ... opinion is the source of opinion.' Democritus with his atoms, and Eudoxus with his chief good, which he placed in pleasure, impregnated Epicurus; the four elements of Empedocles, Aristotle; the doctrines of the ancient Thebans, Pythagoras and Plato; Geometry, Euclid.
Page 16 - Epicurus ; the four elements of Empedocles, Aristotle ; the doctrines of the ancient Thebans, Pythagoras and Plato ; Geometry, Euclid. By this same law the son is born like his parents, and virtues which ennoble and vices which degrade a race are sometimes passed on to descendants through a long series of years. Some diseases propagate their kind, as lepra, gout, syphilis, and others. But why do I speak of diseases, when the moles, warts, and cicatrices of the progenitor are sometimes repeated in...
Page 15 - ... after contact with the spermatic fluid in coitu, seems to receive influence, and to become fecundated without the co-operation of any sensible corporeal agent, in the same way as iron touched by the magnet is endowed with its powers and can attract other iron to itself.
Page 1 - Hospital and to the National Hospital for the Paralysed and Epileptic, Queen Square.
Page 16 - In truth, there is no proposition more magnificent to investigate or more useful to ascertain than this: How are all things formed by an "univoeal" agent? How does the like ever generate the like ? And this not Only in productions of art (for so house builds house, face designs face, and image forms image), but also in things relating to the mind, for mind begets mind, opinion is the source of opinion. Democritus with his atoms, and...
Page 17 - Every fourth birth,' says Pliny", 'the mark of the origin of the Dacian family is repeated on the arm.' Why may not the thoughts, opinions, and manners now prevalent, many years hence return again, after an intermediate period of neglect ? For the divine mind of the Eternal Creator, which is impressed on all things, creates the image of itself in human conceptions.
Page 11 - ... and in the course of a few years he was in the possession of a large and lucrative city business. In 1811 his private engagements had become so numerous, that he was compelled to resign his office at the hospital, and for many subsequent years was the acknowledged head of his profession in the city. History does not supply us with a physician more loved or more respected than was Dr.
Page 18 - ... relating to the subject, I feel a greater desire to enter into it a little more closely, and this with two objects in view — first, that what I have hitherto treated cursorily may seem to carry with it a greater weight of probability ; and secondly, to stir up the intellects of the studious to search more deeply into so obscure a subject.
Page 9 - Latin [note 26\, which should include a commemoration of all the benefactors of the College by name...
Page 24 - I think it fortunate that the guardians of this great storehouse of resources and power in the North American continent should be sober and intelligent people, not given to bursts of impatient emotion, cautious and resilient. What an opportunity they have to think for the world!

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