On Insanity, and the Criminal Responsibility of the Insane

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J. Falconer, 1866 - Criminal liability - 23 pages
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Page 54 - I am no way facetious, nor disposed for the mirth and galliardize of /company; yet in one dream I can compose a whole comedy, behold the action, apprehend the jests, and laugh myself awake at the conceits thereof.
Page 10 - That before a plea of insanity should be allowed, undoubted evidence ought to be adduced that the accused was of diseased mind, and that at the time he committed the act he was not conscious of right or wrong.
Page 20 - Person is insane, it shall be lawful for One of Her Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, upon Receipt of such Certificate, to direct, by Warrant under his Hand, that such Person shall be removed to such County Lunatic Asylum or other proper Receptacle for Insane Persons as the said Secretary of State may judge proper and appoint...
Page 11 - ... it is not every kind of frantic humor or something unaccountable in a man's actions that points him out to be such a madman as is to be exempted from punishment; it must be a man that is totally deprived of his understanding and memory, and doth not know what he is doing, no more than an infant, than a brute, or a wild beast...
Page 20 - No act done by a person in a state of insanity can be punished as an offence...
Page 13 - This is not by way of atonement or expiation for the crime committed ; for that must be left to the just determination of the Supreme Being : but as a precaution against future offences of the same kind.
Page 6 - No reckoning made, but sent to my account With all my imperfections on my head ; Oh horrible, Oh horrible, most horrible : If thou hast nature in thee beare it not ; Let not the Royall Bed of Denmarke be A Couch for Luxury and damned Incest.
Page 62 - Dreams about blood and red objects are signs of inflammatory conditions. "Dreams about rain and water are often signs of diseased mucous membranes and dropsy. " Dreams of distorted forms are frequently a sign of abdominal obstructions and diseases of the liver.
Page 56 - Would lead us to some curious speculation as to our estimate of time, and the difference between the real and the apparent duration of life. The measure of time which we make by our own feelings is a very different matter from that which uncivilised man makes by the moon and stars, and which we now make by clocks and almanacks.

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