On the Firing Line: My 500 Days at Apple

HarperBusiness, 1998 - 298 頁
On the Firing Line: My 500 Days at Apple is Gil Amelio's recollection of what happened, told from his unique perspective as the occupant of Apple's hot seat. This is the revealing story of how a proven high-technology turnaround artist took on the biggest challenge of his career - and perhaps his life. Nothing could have prepared Amelio for the chaos that greeted him when he took over as CEO. First there was the reversal he suffered at the hands of the in-house legal staff from day one that rendered his highly touted compensation package a sham. Then, rapidly, came the spiraling maelstrom of problems - financial, organizational, and creative - that threatened daily to sweep him and Apple into oblivion. Amelio quickly uncovered the truth that the company was hemorrhaging both dollars and talent. He immediately plunged into a multifaceted rescue effort that included an extensive fund-raising campaign to solve Apple's cashflow problem and fevered negotiations for a new Macintosh operating system with luminaries such as Jean-Louis Gassee, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs. In his own words, Amelio exposes a company that continually undermines its own best efforts, with financial officers using out-of-date systems that take weeks to process the most elementary data and sales executives being accused of "channel stuffing" - strong-arming retailers to buy computers they didn't need in order to make the company's quarterly sales look better.


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Gil Amelio was CEO of National Semiconductor before serving as CEO and chairman of Apple. He has been profiled in magazines such as Wired, Business Week, and The New Yorker. He lives in Los Altos Hills, California. Businessman Gil Amelio has written On the Firing Line: My 500 Days at Apple, a look at his successes and defeats as a CEO at Apple Computers. He also has written Profit from Experience: The National Semiconductor Story of Transformation Management.

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