On the Jews and Their Lies

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Lulu.com, Mar 7, 2009 - Antisemitism - 81 pages
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Martin Luther's historical rant against the Jewish people.

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Luther had some legitimate insights about paying off priests to absolve sin - a fairly obvious and transparent scam to those who are hearing the truth ,, however, protestants have deviated from the Bible elevating him to Papal heights, notable the recent mega church Mega media of Moody / SRN " news " etc , …Remember HE WAS JUST a man…..FALLIBLE TO THE POINT OF EVIL AND COMPLETELY CONTRADICTING Numbers 24:9 among so many other texts of the WORD of the LORD that verify we are to bless not curse the Nation of Israel who God CHOSE to bring his values and his savior to the entire world . …Luther while enabling Islam ( his detestable anti Crusader isolationists stances were illegitimate stabs at the Catholic Church ) in ignorance AND political emotion he often Spoke and wrote against the Bible and against his own scholarship and reason.-warring with the Turks was not only Necessary but appeasers as Luther helped pave the way To the Armenian ( Assyrian/ Chaldean and Greeks as well ). the Bible completely contradicts stand-in g by Idle in face of oppression, enslavement , diabolical torture, execution and elimination of Judea Christians "little;e opens who believe in me " are among his highest priorities and the Jews are the only unique ones who know him with out yet knowing he is Jesus . ( Billy Graham was entirely heretical about this " calling in his name " to other faith systems whop do not even know Jesus ) God does not render believers helpless in the face of evil, which is his ridiculous argument almost a " we deserve not " Yes we are supposed to strive to change for the better and be closer to god , No we are not supposed to Submit the the Islamic jew haters nor enjoin " any of their ways " . Luther was correct the Catholic Church was heretical as Luther himself proves beyond any shadow of a doubt he is as well ,. If this book had a negative rating below 1 I would give it that . The Zionist creed is the opposite of Luthers Apostasy and Zionism is entirely Biblical . Psalm 135:21 - Blessed be the LORD from Zion, Who dwells in Jerusalem. Praise the LORD! 

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Wow, I knew Martin Luther had and taught bad theology, but I never knew what a racist pig he was.
Rich Holst

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