On the General Theory of Skew Correlation and Non-linear Regression

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Dulau and Company, 1905 - Evolution - 54 pages
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Page 64 - I. On a Theory of the Stresses in Crane and Coupling Hooks with Experimental Comparison with Existing Theory. By ES ANDREWS, B.Sc.Eng., assisted by KARL PEARSON, FRS Issued. Price 3s. II. On some Disregarded Points in the Stability of Masonry Dams.
Page 64 - II. On some Disregarded Points in the Stability of Masonry Dams. By LW ATCHERLEY, assisted by KARL PEARSON, FRS Issued.
Page 64 - Mathematical Contributions to the Theory of Evolution.— XIII. On the Theory of Contingency and its Relation to Association and Normal Correlation. By KARL PEARSON, FRS Price 4s.
Page 9 - Idea of Correlation. Given any two variables or characters A and B, we say that they are correlated when, with different values x of A, we do not find the same value y of B equally likely to be associated.
Page 22 - Xj of (xxxv.) is equal to unity. xi = l is a necessary result of homoscedasticity. Lastly, we want a word to express the idea of all the arrays having equal skewness, or being asymmetrical in an equal degree about their means. I shall express this by the term homoclitic ; generally the arrays will not be equally asymmetrical round their means, and in this case we shall speak of them as heteroclitic. If there were no skewness in any of the arrays, then w3 of (xxxvi.) would be zero for all of them.
Page 2 - Company presented 1,000 to the University to assist the statistical work and higher teaching of the Department of Applied Mathematics.
Page 64 - On Homotyposis in the Animal Kingdom. By ERNEST WARREN, D.Sc., ALICE LEE, D.Sc., EDNA LEA-SMITH, MARION RADFORD and KARL PEARSON, FRS Shortly.
Page 22 - If it is the same, or all arrays f'l may or may not be the same for all arrays. are equally scattered about their means, I shall speak of the system as a homoscedastic system, otherwise it is a heteroscedastic system.
Page 52 - The curve in which the skewness of the array is plotted to its position is termed the clitic curve ; the curve in which the ratio of the standard deviation of the array to the standard deviation of the character in the population at large is plotted to position is termed a scedastic curre.