Once Upon a Dragon

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Trafford Publishing, Oct 22, 2008 - Fiction
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Once Upon a Dragon was written as a payback for my recovery from heroin addiction because somewhere along the line I learned in my recovery that I had to give something back and I must not forget from whence I came. Therefore, Once upon a Dragon is somewhat of a chronicle of key points of my recovery from me to you. It covers roughly twenty years of bits and pieces of this ex dopefiend's, experience's, strength's and hope's. And of how I went from incarceration to inspiration, 130lbs to 180lbs, zero credit to credit, tax liability to tax payer, player to prayer, uneducated to degreed, dysfunctional to functional, nightmares to dreams, unemployable to professional, nods to God's, outlaw to poet, user to used, taker to giver, hater to lover and finally from sword's to peace. Chapter One-Describes the Dragon who is initially identified as King Heroin but as time goes by it evolves to be life in general. To battle the Dragon-Heroin was one battle, but life, it is discovered after the clarifying process is allowed to occur has always been a battlefield and the battles have been and are many. Chapter Two-Moment of Clarity explains how a historic moment in my recovery changed my future and also lays down how it was for me on the battlefield and tells it like it is about substance abuse. Chapter Three-The Swords of Peace provides some of the weapons I used for battle against the Dragons of our lives, which led me to a content inner peace, after self discovery of the treasure within. Thus let Once Upon a Dragon become a part of your recovery arsenal and use it as a Sword of Peace because if you could talk to anybody who knew me in my drug slinging days they would probably say that I was the last person on earth they would have expected to change, because I was hopeless, the worst of the worst, the bottom of the bottom, horribly addicted and restricted, eternally last. Yet here I stand with the grace of God as a testimonial to you and to all that We do Recover .

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