Once Upon a Time in Iraq

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Random House, Jul 16, 2020 - History - 416 pages

In war, there is no easy victory.

When troops invaded Iraq in 2003 to topple Saddam Hussein’s regime, most people expected an easy victory. Instead, the gamble we took was a grave mistake, and its ramifications continue to reverberate through the lives of millions, in Iraq and the West. As we gain more distance from those events, it can be argued that many of the issues facing us today – the rise of the Islamic State, increased Islamic terrorism, intensified violence in the Middle East, mass migration, and more – can be traced back to the decision to invade Iraq.

In The Iraq War, award-winning documentary maker James Bluemel collects first-hand testimony from those who lived through the horrors of the invasion and whose actions were dictated by such extreme circumstances. It takes in all sides of the conflict – working class Iraqi families watching their country erupt into civil war; soldiers and journalists on the ground; American families dealing with the grief of losing their son or daughter; parents of a suicide bomber coming to terms with unfathomable events – to create the most in-depth and multi-faceted portrait of the Iraq War to date. Accompanying a major BBC series, James Bluemel’s book is an essential account of a conflict that continues to shape our world, and a startling reminder of the consequences of our past decisions.


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An absolute display of EVIL psychopaths mercenaries boasting casually about killing innocent men, women and children because they cannot read. Stay away from this s..ite and think of something positive and kind! I cannot believe in this day and age that a voice is given to people like Reyes. Murderers psychopaths should be forgotten forever and from everybody! him and his "mates". Finally, weapons of mass destruction were never found! why? because they didnt exist, the elite back in 2002/2003 knew this but lied because oil grabbing was the priority. the USA is evil and is starting to pay heavily now!! thanks god my country refused to get involved in that war despite being vilified by all americans allies. a big F U to you, murderers c..ts 


Operation Iraqi Freedom
The Statue Falls
Mission Accomplished
Taste of Freedom
The Village People Operation
The Spider Hole
We Called Him Saddam
The Defendant
Thats the End of Him
Just and Fair
If You Only Smile
The New Bogeyman
The Awakening and the Surge

The Road to Fallujah
We Have to Respond
Abu Ghraib
The Minaret
The Rest is Up to Allah
A New Law in Town
We Are Life
A Clean Mirror

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James Bluemel is an Emmy and BAFTA award winning filmmaker. His landmark documentary series Exodus: the Journey to Europe and the follow up series, The Journey Continues were both broadcast on the BBC and PBS Frontline and charted the journeys of refugees as they fled their homes and tried to find asylum in Europe. Filmed over 4 years, it won the BAFTA for Director - Factual 2017.

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