One Million Deaths and a Black Man...One in a Billion!: The Odds of Amazing Modern Prophecy

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First Stone Publishing, Incorporated, 2009 - Biography & Autobiography - 406 pages
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Millions of Blacks killed? Was this a vision or an impression, and what did William Branham see? Did he see civil rights marchers slaughtered in 1963? Did he see future riots in Watts, Los Angeles in 1965 or possibly South African clashes during the 1980's Apartheid era? Did he see the genocides of Africa in the latter part of the 20th Century? Did he see the African AIDS epidemic and the resulting death of millions upon millions? Or could he have possibly seen the slaughter of millions of aborted black children, with the tacit consent and political influence of Barak Obama as both Senator and President? Drawing from the prophecies of renowned evangelist William Branham, deemed by millions to be a prophet, Giberti in his second nonfiction book, take readers on an unforgettable journey through prophecy and current events and into the terrifying future of America. This book was not written as a personal attack on President Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton or anyone else. In fact, Giberti does not seem to have a political axe to grind. R Scott Giberti is on a mission to deliver a message - among other prophecies, seven events were foretold in 1933, two remain unfulfilled: Will Hillary Clinton become America's first dictator, and can America escape destruction? America is at a crossroads and has a date with destiny, yet is deserving of a final warning. Read this book to find out why.

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