One Penny Opera

Front Cover, Feb 11, 2008 - Humor - 132 pages
(LINDY WALL)A Musical Parody. It's dusk, and predators and prey animals meet at the water hole. Percival 'Possum sets out on his nightly food forage, as he ponders his solitary life. His story unfolds ... one of love found and lost and found again. Meanwhile, predators brag of their prowess and lineage, provoking a lively discussion of genealogy among all the animals. The would-be prey lament their lot as snack fare, and all consider the general wickedness of humans. Dogs roll in smelly things, cats toss up furballs, and a night and day pass. As evening again approaches, the lonely male opossum is reunited with his lady love and their new babies. The animals' story is told in original, humorous lyrics set to familiar music, pop and show tunes, operatic arias, and bits of classical works. 40 songs, with libretto; cast of 28 animals.

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