One West, Two Myths II: Essays on Comparison, Volume 2

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C. L. Higham, Robert Thacker
University of Calgary Press, 2006 - 232 halaman
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What comes to mind when we think of the Old West? Often, our conceptions are accompanied by as much mythology and mystique as fact or truth. What are the differences in how the Canadian and American Wests are perceived? Did they develop differently or are they just perceived differently? How do our conceptions influence our perceptions? A companion volume to One West, Two Myths: A Comparative Reader, One West, Two Myths II: Essays on Comparison presents scholarly views on the comparison of the Canadian and American Wests and the various methodologies involved. Contributors include literature specialists, scholars of popular culture, art historians, and political, social, and intellectual historians, demonstrating the interdisciplinary nature of this area of study. With Contributions By: J.M.S. Careless Sarah Carter Brian W. Dippie R. Douglas Francis C.L. Higham William H. Katerberg Lee Clark Mitchell Roger L. Nichols Robert Thacker Fredrick Jackson Turner Aritha van Herk David L. Williams

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No Catlin without Kane or Really Understanding the American West
Two Mythic Wests
Transborder Continuity in Western Art
Frontiers and the West in the Canadian and American Imagination
Gender Race Nations and the Fortyninth Parallel
Challenges to Comparing Native Peoples Experiences
The Levelling of Difference in Stegners Wolf Willow
Whose West Is It Anyway? or Whats Myth Got to Do with It? The Role of America in the Creation of the Myth of the West
Leading the Parade
Bibliographic Essay
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Carol L. Higham is an adjunct assistant professor of interdisciplinary studies at Davidson College, Davidson, NC. and is a noted historian and specialist in U.S. - Canadian studies.

Robert Thacker is professor of Canadian Studies at St. Lawrence University and former editor of the American Review of Canadian Studies.

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