One-act Plays by Modern Authors

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Helen Louise Cohen
Harcourt, Brace, 1921 - American drama - 342 pages
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Page 207 - I'll have now, and it's time, surely. It's a great rest I'll have now, and great sleeping in the long nights after Samhain, if it's only a bit of wet flour we do have to eat, and maybe a fish that would be stinking.
Page 201 - ... to CATHLEEN). Let you go down each day, and see the sheep aren't jumping in on the rye, and if the jobber comes you can sell the pig with the black feet if there is a good price going. MAURYA. How would the like of her get a good price for a Pig?
Page 199 - We're to find out if it's Michael's they are, some time herself will be down looking by the sea. Cathleen. How would they be Michael's, Nora? How would he go the length of that way to the far north? Nora. The young priest says he's known the like of it. 'If it's Michael's they are...
Page 201 - If it was a hundred horses, or a thousand horses you had itself, what is the price of a thousand horses against a son where there is one son only?
Page 266 - I have grown to believe that an old man, seated in his armchair, watting patiently, with his lamp beside him; giving unconscious ear to all the eternal laws that reign about his house, interpreting, without comprehending, the silence of doors and windows and the quivering voice of the light, submitting with bent head to the presence of his soul and his destiny...
Page 207 - HARTLEY'S feet, and sprinkles the Holy Water over him.] It isn't that I haven't prayed for you, Hartley, to the Almighty God. It isn't that I haven't said prayers in the dark night till you wouldn't know what I'd be saying: but it's a great rest I'll have now, and it's time surely.
Page 201 - Isn't it sorrow enough is on everyone in this house without your sending him out with an unlucky word behind him, and a hard word in his ear? [MAURYA takes up the tongs and begins raking the fire aimlessly without looking round.] NORA [turning towards her]. You're taking away the turf from the cake.
Page 206 - Continues without hearing anything. There was Sheamus and his father, and his own father again, were lost in a dark night, and not a stick or sign was seen of them when the sun went up. There was Patch after was drowned out of a...
Page 208 - Michael has a clean burial in the far north, by the grace of the Almighty God. Bartley will have a fine coffin out of the white boards, and a deep grave surely. What more can we want than that? No man at all can be living for ever, and we must be satisfied.
Page 200 - ... want it when the tide turns if he goes to Connemara. [Nora picks up the turf and puts it round the pot-oven.] MAURYA [Sitting down on a stool at the fire.] He won't go this day with the wind rising from the south and west.

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