One Thousand German Nouns, Being Those in Common Use, Classified Upon a New Plan and Employed in a Variety of Familiar Sentences, Stories and Dialogues: Constituting a Complete Introduction to German Reading and Conversation. With a Synopsis of German Grammar, and a Vocabulary of 2000 Words

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Baker, Pratt & Company, 1879 - German language - 261 pages
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Page 81 - I have not seen you for a long time. Where have you been?
Page 66 - It will be noon (midnight) in a little while. It will be twelve in a moment. It has just struck twelve. It has struck one. What time do you get up ? I get up at half past six. What time do you go to bed?
Page 155 - A transitive verb is one that requires an object to complete its meaning (166).
Page 169 - ... separated from the verb and placed at the end of the clause or sentence : (près.) id?
Page 93 - A month has thirty days ; a day has twenty-four hours; an hour has sixty minutes ; and a minute has sixty seconds. A year has 365 days.
Page 87 - Do you think it will rain to-day? I do not think it will rain.
Page 66 - Without eyes we could not see. Without ears we could not hear. Without the lungs and heart we could not live.
Page 160 - I should have been, I should have had, I should have become.
Page 93 - How old are you ? How do you do ? What is your name ? * Have you a watch ? What time is it ? Where do you live ? When will you come ? MASCULINE NOUNS.

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