Only herself, Volume 3

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Chapman and Hall, 1869
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Page 288 - There's nothing half so sweet in life as love's young dream, — but I immediately think of the aged and venerable couple who lived together in one house, and with one heart, for upwards of fifty years, and slowly sank together, with an unabated unity of affection, into one grave ; and I cannot but suppose that they found the last days of their loving life quite as sweet...
Page 110 - I am on the subject, I may as well tell you that it is not my way to let those who work for me starve.
Page 136 - ... worshipped one, wert there, With thy dark clear eyes and beaming brow, White neck and floating hair ; And oh, I had an honest heart, And a house of Portland stone ; And thou wert dear, as still thou art, And more than dear, my own ! Oh, bitterness !—the morning broke Alike for boor and bard ; And thou wert married when I woke, And all the rest was marred: And toil and trouble, noise and steam, Came back with the coming ray ; And, if I thought the dead could dream, I'd hang myself to-day! (1827.)...
Page 242 - She loved him still, but the scales had dropped from her eyes about him. She knew herself stronger than he was — stronger and more stable, and so more to be relied upon even by herself in any judgment that she formed.
Page 85 - the thing is, you know, that a woman never is under a cloud undeservedly; it always turns out that she has done something to deserve odium sooner or later.
Page 172 - I can't help feeling that between us we have worked out the old adage, ' evil is wrought by want of thought, far more than want of heart ; ' we have been to blame about your sister — we have let her suffer from the effects of our folly.
Page 206 - Jocelyn on the morning of the day following that on which he had come to the determination.
Page 265 - Truth to tell, she shrank from his investigation of the life she had been leading for the last few months.

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