Opening the Ark of the Covenant: The Secret Power of the Ancients, the Knights Templar Connection, and the Search for the Holy Grail

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Career Press, 2007 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 287 pages
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The Ark of the Covenant is at once the most famous and baffling article in history. Although it is cited more often than any other object throughout the Old Testament and was described as the ancient Hebrews' most precious possession, its real meaning and ultimate fate were utterly unknown... until now. During his worldwide research into its disappearance, author, Frank Joseph, learned that the Ark was not a mere legend - nor was it just an elaborate box used to store the original Ten Commandments. It was, he asserts, purpose-built to harness the powers of the Earth for humanity's continued physical existence and spiritual evolution. As such, it is the single most priceless fortune mankind has ever possessed. Following the Ark through the Book of Exodus, he discovered its lineage pre-dated the Bible, extending back in time to ancient Egypt and stories of lost Atlantis.

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After Francés, You lost track of it, boy. In the other hand if Mary Magdalena was to run to France, she can not go alone, logic dictates she went with a protector no matter his name were Jesus or Pepe, she run because the death of the Mesahia, even if u diminish the role of Jesus as just a mere Master, that would be a person not to be unnoticed to elude his name as a founder, simply he was not there. But even Masters can abide in more than one body, research about Saint Germain. I just said little. 

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There are oral and written traditions all over the world about a great deluge and how people translocated themselves in such catastrophes to distant lands, This book gives a bird's eyeview of such events from the Pacific to the Atlantic.The discovery of a huge massive megalithic building in the South Japan sea in 1986 showed the stupendous engineering skills of the builders . Later it was found that several such cities lay submerged in the Polynesian Micronesian waters. The Lost city called Naan Madal in Micronesia was found which is made of 200 million ton magnetised basalt .( I find with surprise that the south Indian cities where called Naan maadal Koodal ( the foursided city where people meet and its resemblance to the Micronesian name. ) The vanished tradition of Himalaya (Buddhists) call the ancient lost civilization "Mu-Da-Lu" which again in Tamil (Muthalu) is the first and the first chief ( Vishnu) has the synonym Muthalvan in Sangham Tamil. I am drawing the Dravidian Tamil language similarities to the traditions the world over (though this is not mentioned by the author f the book) because it is very important for us to understand the movement of people/civilizations/languages. The natives call the Mudalu simply as Mu , according to the author.( In sangham Tamil the Muvendar/moovaa mukundan etc ) and the Tongas gigantic public works and canals were first constructed according their subaltern history by the Mua , or people from the Mu.Dr Kimura's research has shown that the city of Mu did exist actually.The original inhabitants of Hawai were the Mu.Predating Incas the people of North Peru were called Chimu (people of the Mu).The Roman Lemuria had tradition of celebrating three days 9,10 and 11th of May because it was on these days their city was destroyed in a distant land surrounded by sea.(started by Romulus )In Southern California an old megalithic wall is called the Lemu.In Tonga month of May is called Lihaamu and Mu-ri-wai-hou the realm where Lemu ruled in his palace under sea (Polynesian God equivalent to Indian Varuna).Story of Hotu maatua (See resemblance to Maadahava of India ) and Easter Island is very famous.The sacred stone he carried is the Te-Pito-Te-cura or sacred navel of light with a synonym Mutua Nui ( mutthu is a rare pearl.) The place where it is kept is the Navel of the world.Mutu Nui of Pacific Islanders symbolise their lost motherland.Navel of light in Hawai has aname that resembles the south Indian name for eye and for Kaanha , Krishna. It is Ka-houpO-o-kana , the kana pronounced as Kahnay .The interesting fact is that the author describes the tradition among the Australian aborigines about a city in a luxurious green garden land with 2 coneshaped crystals at its gate 200 ft high,600 ft at base (1200 sq ft)each with a coiled serpent (Ida,Pingala concept) and they are supposed to be never out of their land before the Europeans came and built cities and has never seen such a city before. Then from where do they gain such aknowledge about a lost city in which they accurately describe a structure like that ?This type of alternative histories and oral traditions are often marginalised as myths by people who know nothing about their ancestral races.
In China Chouhi(bookof rites) it is Mukung ( Mukund itself !!!) who is the first ruler of entire world at beginning of time from antidiluvian floods and he is in a golden palace chien-Mu and when floods came he relocated his precious jewel into another place where he establish a new navel of world.The same tradition exists in Japan.In Japan the Dragon city of Sagara ( sagara is a king in Indian tradition and an ancestor of Rama)in the ocean floor has a huge translucent pearl (Mutthu in India) and it is called Chinthaamani ( This word means the precious jewel of Thought).The chinthamani was taken from Sagara by Buddha .In Japan chinthamani is a round 2 ft long stone with 6 inch hole in middle.This represent the navel.The figure given in the page 28 of the book is not exactly circular but hexagonal, I observe.
Dr Suvarna nalapat


The Golden Paradox
The Worlds Most Valuable Object
The Jewel That Grants All Desires
Atlantis Navel of the World
The Great Pyramid An Egyptian Home for the Power Stone
Why Was the Pyramid Built?
True Pyramid Power
How Old Is the Great Pyramid?
Where Is the Ark of the Covenant?
Is the Ark in America?
The New Jerusalem
The Real Meaning of the Ark
An Ark of the Covenant Timeline
Dramatis Personae

Son of the Sun
The Pyramids Stolen Secret
Crusades for and Against the Ark
The Perfection of Paradise
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Frank Joseph is a journalist and researcher. He lives in Colfax, Wisconsin.

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