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Nonfiction Usage Journalism UsageBritish - News: September 27, 2004 - Headline: Study Shows Dogs Can Detect Bladder Cancer in Humans. Excerpt: We showed that even dogs that aren't regarded as particularly brilliant scenting dogs can be trained as well to do this reasonably well, she adds. We are going to be looking at ways to increase the accuracy rate by optimizing the training regime and the type of dogs that go into the training program.China - News: January 26, 2006 - Headline: China's Booming Economy Gets Attention at Davos. Excerpt: Over the next five years, we will lift technological standards through independent innovation, strengthen agriculture, speed up the growth of the services industry and press ahead with optimizing and upgrading the industrial infrastructure, he said.U.S. - News: June 21, 2007 - Headline: New US Africa Command Not for Combat, Says Defense Official. Author: Al Pessin. Excerpt: This command is not optimized for war fighting, he continued. We're optimizing it for engaging in security cooperation activities. And that's where the planning effort is going. The intention is not to use it for intervention in any African affairs.Legal UsageGovernment of Ecuador. Decree 1893 of 19 September 2001 amends the regulation of the Law on the Office of the Advisor, optimizing the participation of the Ecuadorian Office of the Advisor in the development, supervision and control of plans, programs and development projects with the introduction of clear, fair and transparent contracts methods. Published in Registro oficial on September 19, 2001.Government of Peru. Supreme Decree 086-2000-EF of 14 August 2000 approves the regulation of Law 27293, on the Sistema Nacional de Inversion Publica, with the purpose of optimizing the use of the public resources destined to investment, as appears in the annex and becomes a part of this Decree. Published in El peruano on August 14, 2000.Patent UsageA Fluorometric Method for Increasing the Efficiency of the Rinsing and Water Recovery Process in the Manufacture of Semiconductor Chips: Patented by Brian V. Jenkins and John E. Hoots on September 10, 1998. Abstract: A method for determining wafer cleanliness by fluorometric monitoring of the impurities in the semiconductor wafer chip rinse solution. A clean chip is indicated by a leveling off or increased concentration of impurities as the rinsing of the chip progresses. A method for optimizing reuse or recycling of the water discharged from the rinse process which accurately measures the contaminants in that water.A Method of Optimizing Handoff Hysteresis Values in a Cellular Telecommunications Network: Patented by Ali Shah, Hossam Hmimy, David Oren and Karl P. Schwarz on June 5, 2003. Abstract: Method of optimizing hysteresis values utilized for automated handoff of mobile stations in a cellular radio telecommunications network. The method utilizes signal strength measurements obtained from mobile stations in the cell. Based on these measurements, a midpoint algorithm calculates the best possible hysteresis values for outgoing and incoming handoffs.A System and Method Employing Algorithms and Protocols for Optimizing Carrier Sense Multiple Access (csma) Protocols in Wireless Networks: Patented by Peter Stanforth, Larry Koos and Eric Whitehill on September 25, 2002. Abstract: A wireless system (Fig. 1) and method for achieving enhanced CSMA/CA which improves channel availability and quality of service of service (QoS). Channel from the mobiles (102, Fig. 1) to the access point / base station (104) are established using the average packet lengths.AC drive with optimized torque: Patented by Eric J. Stacey on May 1, 1991. Abstract: Apparatus to extend the speed range and maximize torque of an ac drive by optimizing the torque angle as a function of speed. Using the back-emf of the machine, or the voltage from a permanent magnet generator mounted on the mtor shaft for reference, a novel analog biasing arrangement

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