Ordaining: Webster's Quotations, Facts and Phrases

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Familiar Quotations OrdainingThe Hebrews have done more to civilize men than any other nation. If I were an atheist, and believed in blind eternal fate, I should still believe that fate had ordained the Jews to be the most essential instrument for civilizing the nations.ndash;John AdamsMr. Rogers is an ordained minister.ndash;AnonymousBut those wars also are just, without doubt, which are ordained by God Himself, in Whom is no iniquity, and Who knows everyman's merits.ndash;Saint AugustineGod ordains that beggars should beg for greatness, as for all else, when greatness shines out of them, and they don't know it.ndash;Georges BernanosIt was ordained at the beginning of the world that certain signs should prefigure certain events.ndash;CiceroThere is nothing more innately human than the tendency to transmute what has become customary into what has been divinely ordained.ndash;Suzanne La FolletteThe Constitution is not a panacea for every blot upon the public welfare, nor should this Court, ordained as a judicial body, be thought of as a general haven for reform movements.ndash;John Marshall HarlanGod gives all men all earth to love, but since man's heart is small, ordains for each one spot shall prove belovFd over all.ndash;Rudyard KiplingOrdaining ndash; CommandGive what you command, and command what you will.ndash;Saint AugustineHe who commands the sea has command of everything.ndash;Themistocles

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