Organize Your Home Organize Your Life: 7 Rules to Help You Get Organized and Stay Organized

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Dog Ear Publishing, 2011 - Self-Help - 120 pages
"Organize Your Home, Organize Your Life" is a book for everyone who wants to be more organized and more in control of their home and their life. The chapters are arranged in a logical order according to the rooms in your home, starting with the entryway and ending with the garage. You can start with chapter one and proceed in order, or you can skip ahead to whatever chapter and area of your home you want to work on first. The 7 Rules to help you get organized and stay organized apply to every room and area in your home or office.

"Organize Your Home, Organize Your Life" will tell you how to bring more abundance into your life by organizing your thoughts. Organizing your thoughts will help you organizing your home. Organize your home by following these simple rules. Do a lot. Do a little. Read this book. Get started today. You'll be glad you did.

Even though you may have thought of some of these ideas before, having a clear, step-by-step plan to follow can make all the difference in the world. And while you're learning some organizing tips, you'll enjoy being remind that you're doing great. The job might seem overwhelming, but "Organize Your Home, Organize Your Life" really can help the task at hand seem doable.

As you organize your home, your closet, your to dresser drawer, the toy box, the garage; you'll find that other areas of your life are also becoming more organized. You'll find yourself being on time more often. You'll read that book you've been wanting to read. You'll enjoy your family more. You'll have time to do more of what you love to do. And this is because not only is your home more organized, but your life really is more organized.

Don't expect a huge change immediately (although that might happen). But do expect to start feeling better about yourself, better about your life, as you start getting more organized. It just works that way. Organize your home, and you'll organize your life.

Terry Christensen is an expert in the area of home organization, and the author of an easy-to-read, easy-to-implement book, "Organize Your Home, Organize Your Life." She lives in Fairfield, Montana, with her husband, Rick. They are the parents of five grown children and the grandparents of seventeen grandchildren.

Christensen's book is filled with practical advice about how to organize your home, but more importantly how to enjoy yourself along the way. Much of her expertise comes from raising her own sons and daughter, and from keeping her life and the lives of her family members well-organized. Her practical tips and delightful sense of humor make her book a must-read for anyone who wants to be more organized.

The helpful hints in this book will quickly get you on your way to being more organized, feeling more in control, and enjoying your life more. How we feel about our environment greatly affects how we feel about ourselves. And the busier we are the more we need to be organized. In this fast-paced world being organized is essential to being efficient and productive. "Organize Your Home, Organize Your Life" will help you get started.


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The Law of Attraction
Before We Begin
First Things First
Next Things Next
Creating Space
The Entry Way
The Kitchen
The Dining Room
The Kids Rooms
The Office
The Storage Area
A File System
A Schedule System
The To Do List
Finding Time
A Few More Ideas

The Living Room
The Laundry Room
The Porch
The Bathroom
The Master Bedroom
The Survey
The 7 Organizing Rules

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