Organized Religion is...: Blind, Leading the Blind

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Author House, Aug 19, 2010 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 232 pages
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I have for a number of years, since my retirement from teaching elementary school for thirty-three years, contemplated the possibility of writing a book expressing a few of my strongly held beliefs.

Events of the recent past had accelerated that urge. The now defunct immoral Moral Majority, the spiritless Christian Coalition, the satanic Southern Baptist, and the hypocritical Church of Christ, plus other bigoted and hypocritical religious groups, keep waving their spiritless and satanic doctrines in my face while desecrating the flag of the United States by wrapping themselves in it.

My personal philosophy of life is based upon the fact that “I am the pessimistically optimistic realist with a bent of humanistic pragmatism.” I choose to believe that things shall work out for the better but I know that if there be the slightest opportunity, someone is going to throw a monkey-wrench into the machinery.  I am a non-believer in organized religious faiths of any kind. I do not believe in any god that listens to or talks to man. I am a Deist. I believe that man would not have created his gods and religious faiths if he had had more faith in himself with a better understanding of his universe and nature.

I do not wish to be negative, simply realistic. My head is not floating in the clouds or buried in the sod. My mind is open to any logically developed philosophies. My use of rational logic will not allow me to be convinced or swayed by irrational, supernatural religious faiths. The bigoted and hypocritical faith of Christianityis not my idea of the truth of reality or the reality of truth. Satanic and fundamental faiths such as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam have been the greatest forces formenting most of the hatred, violence, and wars in this world. Organized religions have proven themselves to be the greatest deterrents in the advancement of humanity among the peoples of this world.


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About the author (2010)

For many years I have been disturbed by the ridiculously unrealistic doctrinaires being produced by bigoted and hypocritical individuals and organized religious groups around the world. The Christian right in the United States is the most hypocritical group of non-thinkers to have ever graced this country.

Hypocrites such as Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, James Dobson, Bob Jones, and Albert Mohler are the leaders of the Christians in this country. Even President Bush with his Faith Based government was destroying any credibility that the United States had in this world.

Of all the philosophers who have tried to do so, not one has been able to prove the existence of a god. Yet men of numerous faiths believe that their god is the one and only. Each religion believes that it has all the answers concerning the creation of man.

I really became angry when men of faithsuch as Henry Hyde, who had dabbled in extra marital affairs, began prosecuting Clinton for the same things that they had been doing. They were the true devils that thought their infidelities would never be found out. It took their wives and such persons as Larry Flint to expose their transgressions. The sex pervert that lead the Impeachment of Clinton should have been charged with the cost of his ridiculous searches of sexual exploits. No one has been able to determine how a persons sexual life affects his intelligence and reasoning abilities on various subjects.

It bothered me greatly that we had a President, George W. Bush, who claimed to be a Christian but showed no signs of being moral or ethical.

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