Origin and history of the name of Miller: with biographies of all the most noted persons of that name, and an account of the origin of surnames and forenames; together with over five hundred Christian names of men and women and their significance...

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American Pub. Assoc., 1902 - 112 pages
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Page 36 - Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep ; If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take ; And this I ask for Jesus
Page 43 - Ind., from which he graduated in 1870; was admitted to the practice of law by the supreme court of Illinois...
Page 78 - A perpetual interest attaches to this first elective body that ever assembled in the western world, representing the people of Virginia, and making laws for their government, more than a year before the Mayflower, with the pilgrims, left the harbor of Southampton, and while Virginia was still the only British colony on the continent of America.
Page 57 - Normans are thought to have been the firsl to introduce the practice of fixed surnames among us% and certainly a little while before the conquest, some of these adventurers had taken family names from their chateaux in Normandy. "Neither is there any village in Normandy," says Camden, "that gave not denomination to some family in England.
Page 91 - Behind these, again, iollowed a fairly familiar number of names of either sex, some from the Teuton, some from the Hebrew, some from the Greek and Latin Church, but, when all told, not a large category. This is not enough, for in common parlance it was not likely the full name would be used. Besides, there might be two, or even three Johns in the same family. So late as March, 1545, the will of John Parnell de Gyrton runs: "Alice, my wife, and Old John, my son, to occupy my farm together, till Old...
Page 83 - If a man be baptized by the name of Thomas, and after at his confirmation by the bishop he is named John, he may purchase by the name of his confirmation.
Page 78 - Separatists' migration from England was followed in a few years by a great exodus of Puritans, who planted towns along the coast to the North of Plymouth, and obtained a charter of government and a great strip of land, and founded the colony of Massachusetts Bay.
Page 34 - Miller heretofore unappreciated. As builders and merchants they have built cities and illumined the marts of trade ; in the field of science and medicine they have obtained great prominence ; in the arena of statesmanship they have produced men of thought and men of action; while at the bar and in the administration of justice they have shown erudition and wisdom. As clergymen, educators and lecturers they have occupied high places ; as musicians, composers and artists...
Page iv - Add new members to the family ; collect several families together and form them into one tribe ; place a number of tribes holding friendly relations with one another in a less limited tract of land ; then will the spot occupied by each tribe, every village or cluster of inhabitants belonging to the same tribe, every hill and thicket and brook — in a word, the land and the gathering of men upon it assume proper names, just as the tribes had already done before, and the families and the individuals...

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