Origins of the New World Order: How the Empires of the Ancient World Were Created by an Event in Pre-History

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AuthorHouse, Jul 1, 2011 - History - 276 pages
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Part I of the 'New World Order' Series by Neil Pitts.An historical account of the fall of the Old World and rise of a new world-order. Describes how the closure of the land bridge between Siberia and Alaska at the end of the last ice-age had a major impact on civilization, creating a new world-order through a series of empires which lead to Persia, Greece and Rome. In chapters which correspond with each period, from pre-history, up to and including the rise of Christ. The way in which this book develops takes us through the whole of the ancient world, showing how it's whole history stems from the pre-fall period, which it is possible now to see, following developments in archaeology and radiocarbon dating in the twentieth century. Using quotations from deciphered ancient texts, and experts who have documented the different periods, it shows how empires were constructed according to the conditions which sprang up around them. It takes us comprehensively through the history of human society up to the time of Christ, and includes Christianity in an explanation of how the world entered the Middle Ages.Forthcoming Parts II and III explain how the Middle Ages worked and how it became the modern period, along with what human problems it is possible for governements to now solve, based on the fact that we have inherited social structures from the past.

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This book has now been re released as the 2014 edition at and is a remarkably different book. While the first edition looked like it had been run through a self-publishing company to get it formatted, this book has clearly had the influence of a literary agent and been through considerable review processes. Please ignore 'trolling' reviews like the one someone has posted here on google - people who are trying to establish scientific facts about history understand the opposition we face.  

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The author's basic thesis is flawed and untenable - not supported by actual history either. The book itself, based on the Amazon "Look inside", is dry and hard to read. Conclusions seldom follow premises, and the whole experience is immensely tedious. At the asking price, this is not worth buying anyway - many great books go for $0.99 or similarly low prices on Amazon.
Worse still, the author is rude and aggressive when questioned on the content of his book - resorting to issuing threats against those who question him. He came to an online discussion board with the sole aim of plugging his book, and on being dissected, started issuing threats such as..
"If this site fails to act, then I will go to the relevant Internet authorities.
You don't speak to me like that, you drugged-up Internet troll.!
Seriously - avoid this book, and any of the threatened sequels.

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Neil Pitts won a scholarship to the University of Leeds in 1998 to study Physics, but, found that the history of science leads back to the Middle ages, at which point the model of the universe used by the Church is the dominant model used by society. Detemined to find out where the problem actually leads to, he then changed to a Degree course in the Social Sciences at the University of Southampton, and found that the 'Fall of Man' in the acient world was responsible for creating the social structures of the Middle Ages and attempted to explain it as a theory of Historical Paradigms (which were self-consistent theories and social attitudes which corresponded with different levels of technological development) as his thesis.Despite it being apparent at the time human development did not correspond entirely with technological change, it was possible after further research to study the history of society in terms of technological change, and it was there that a model of the ancient world showed up, which allowed us to see the Fall of the Ancient World was effectivley caused by the New World Order, which produced a series of empires in ancient Mesopotamia which came into conflict with and were invaded by the east before then being invaded in the other direction by Alexander the Great of Greece. It was this double invasion which we can now see actually cutting right right across economic, social, political, technological and religious development which is known as the Fall of the ancient World, according to breakthroughs in the decephering of ancient texts and dating of objects from ancient Mesopotamia which occurred in the twentieth century.This new evidence created the New World Order theory involving the Fall of the Old World and the rise of the New World Order, which enables us to understand history as whole, living process of which we can now see ourselves as a part. Book 1 takes us up to the time of Christ, and forthcoming books 2 and 3 cover the Middle Ages and Modern period.

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