Osama Among Us: Sightings

Front Cover
iUniverse, Sep 19, 2008 - Fiction
Osama bin Laden, alias Santos Poquito, has quietly slipped into America via Mexico, developed a knack for cooking, wins a competition, and becomes the president's master barbecue chef. Talbert Pressler, a newly minted member of Homeland Security, recognizes Osama at a presidential party in Washington, exposes him, but cannot bring himself to turn him in because he realizes Osama is a reformed man. Through a series of events, Talbert, Talbert's wife, Mildred, and Osama take a road trip across the country to resettle the ex-terrorist in Utah where he is seen as a prophet who relishes the polygamist lifestyle. But to Talbert's surprise Osama reappears as "numero uno" presidential chef Santos Poquito at a Republican function in California. The president, as well as Talbert's supervisor, Divine Mauler, have no clue Osama and Santos Poquito are one and the same man. Talbert's greatest fear is soon realized; the president, easily swayed by religious fervor, may have converted to Islam, which jeopardizes Talbert's coveted position at Homeland Security and the war on terror. If you're a little overwhelmed by America's frenzy for "security," then this humorous parody is the book for you.

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