Outliving Your Ovaries: An Endocrinologist Weighs the Risks and Rewards of Treating Menopause with Hormone Replacement Therapy

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Eyesong Publishing, Dec 6, 2010 - Health & Fitness
"Outliving Your Ovaries: An Endocrinologist Weighs The Risks And Rewards Of Treating Menopause With Hormone Replacement Therapy" provides break-through, new menopause research explaining why pharmaceutical topical bioidentical hormones are safer than the most commonly used hormones. Dr. Johnson gives poignant, clinical stories from her 28 years of clinical experience during which she has managed over 100,000 female patient visits. These stories depict the tragic consequences of estrogen deficiency and the joy of transformation that occurs when a woman is made whole again. This eBook will give a woman a guidebook that helps her evaluate the risks and benefits of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in clear, easy-to-understand terms so she can better work with her own physician to determine what's right for her.Posted on Dr. Marina Johnson's Facebook site, patients and celebrity fans of Dr. Johnson have come out in support of the release of the new eBook. "Finally-a clear concise prescription for women as they navigate the challenges of menopause. Debunking misconceptions, Dr. Johnson provides a roadmap for health and vitality in what can be truly golden years," says Catherine Crier, journalist, former judge, and best-selling author. "There are perhaps only 1% in any given field that are truly the best at what they do and Dr. Johnson is part of this elite group," say Bill and Susan Casner, owners of Winstar Farms and this year's top winners of the Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes. "A must read for all women!" says Joni Lamb, host & co-founder of Daystar Television Network.

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This is an outstanding ebook with glowing endorsements by patients, preeminent physicians and celebrities. The work is through, original and highly researched with analysis of new break-through research especially in the area of the risks of not taking estrogen. This "susan" lady has obviously never read the ebook but falls into the category of a "cybergrudge"personality. Unfortunately, even though Dr. Johnson's website is clearly transparent in all costs associated with dealing with complex testing for very complicated patients, there are very few who have not benefited from Dr. Johnson's 28 years of innovation and vast experience. This ebook represents, as the endorsements demonstrate, a true gift and a "must read" for all women. I encourage you to download the introduction and see what is being stated about this book. 


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Marina Johnson, MD, FACE is the Founder and Medical Director of the Institute of Endocrinology and Preventive Medicine located in Irving, a suburb of Dallas, Texas. The mission of the Institute is to engage the patient in the active pursuit of optimal health and to provide personalized superlative care with an emphasis on preventive medicine and healthy aging. Dr Johnson is board-certified in endocrinology and metabolism and in internal medicine. While she has a special interest in menopause, she also treats patients with disorders related to thyroid, growth hormone, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), testosterone, and hyperlipidemia. Dr Johnson earned her undergraduate degree in Pharmacy from the University of Houston. She then became Assistant Editor of the American Hospital Formulary Service-Drug Information (AHFS-DI), a drug reference book published by the American Society of Hospital Pharmacists. AHFS-DI is a non-commercial drug compendium with a long-standing record in evidence-based evaluation of information on drug use. It’s been officially adopted by the US Public Health Service and recommended by the American College of Physicians as part of a library for internists. She researched the medical literature and prepared comprehensive monographs on each drug. Dr Johnson earned her MD from the University of California at Los Angeles and completed an internal medicine residency at UCLA/St Mary’s Medical Center in Long Beach, California. She completed her fellowship in endocrinology and metabolism at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. After two years at the City of Hope research hospital she returned to Texas. After one year at Kaiser Permanente in Dallas, she set up her private medical practice. In writing Outliving Your Ovaries, Dr Johnson has utilized her skills as an endocrinologist, pharmacist, and medical writer to research over 430 articles from main-stream peer-reviewed medical journals so that women and their physicians can see there is a sound, scientific basis for her recommendations. Adding her wealth of clinical experience from over two decades of medical practice gives further clinical relevance to the book. Armed with this information, a woman can be in a better position to consult with her own physician and decide if bioidentical HRT is right for her.

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