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Nonfiction Usage Patent UsageA Method and Apparatus for Synchronizing a Computerndash;animated Model with an Audio Wave Output: Patented by Douglas N. Tedd on August 7, 1998. Abstract: A computerndash;animated image of a video model is stored for synchronized outputting with an audio wave. When receiving the audio wave representation, the model is dynamically varied under control of the audio wave, and outputted together with the audio wave. In particular, an image parameter is associated to the model. By measuring an actual audio wave amplitude, and mapping the amplitude in a multivalued or analog manner on the image parameter the outputting is synchronized.A Networking Element Adapted to Receive and Output Also Preambles of Data Packets or Frames: Patented by Jens P. Tagore-brage on December 4, 2002. Abstract: A networking element (10) adapted to receive and output (12) data packets or frames (50, 70, 90), the element comprising one or more input ports (Fig. 2) or means for receiving a packet or frame comprising a data part (DA) and a preamble part, one or more output ports (12) for outputting at least the data part of a received packet or frame, means for outputting the preamble part of a received packet or frame.A Supervisory Integrated Circuit with Data Storage and Retrieval of System Parameters: Patented by David Susak on February 17, 1999. Abstract: A supervisory circuit that includes the functions of monitoring, collating, storing and outputting system parameters implemented on a single, monolithic integrated circuit. The elements of the invention include system paremeter input, nonndash;volatile memory, serial and parallel output, periodic and aperiodic control circuitry and various system power detection circuits. All elements are located on a single, monolithic integrated circuit.Accounting-information outputting device: Patented by Shinichi Katoh on October 8, 1997. Abstract: An accounting-process-type setting program is executed and thereby an accounting-record outputting condition is set. Then, when execution of an execution unit is finished, an accounting-record outputting program is executed, and thereby, it is determined whether or not the accounting-record outputting condition set by the execution of the accounting-process-type setting program is fulfilled, and, only when this condition is fulfilled, an accounting record is output.Active noise control apparatus and waveform transforming apparatus through neural network: Patented by Tadashi Ohashi on November 7, 1996. Abstract: Noise data from a noise source is provided for a neural network. An output signal from the neural network is provided for a node of a hidden layer H of the neural network. The weight of the neural network is updated by an update unit according to an error signal e.sub.j0 detected by a microphone, thereby outputting a deadening sound from a speaker.Active type solid-state image device and method for fabricating the same: Patented by Yoshinori Kamada on March 3, 1997. Abstract: The active type solid-state imaging device of this invention having a transistor for obtaining signal charges by photoelectric conversion of incident light, accumulating the signal charges, and outputting an electric signal corresponding to the accumulated signal charges, includes an electric field strength buffering region for lowering the electric field strength between at least one of a source region and a drain region of the transistor and a photoelectric conversion region.Adaptive filtering system and method: Patented by Nils Lofgren, Per Karlsson, Gunilla Lundahl and Fredrik Lundqvist on September 3, 1999. Abstract: A signal filter includes a first adaptive filter receiving a desired signal containing a noise component and a first noise correlated reference signal, and outputting a first filtered output signal. A second adaptive filter, receives the desired signal containing the noise component and a second noise correlated reference signal and outputs

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