Outrageous! a Humorous Look at the World's Most Bizarre and Unusual Names: none

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AuthorHouse, Apr 19, 2007 - Humor - 88 pages
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   OUTRAGEOUS!  A humorous look at the world's  most bizarre and unusual names takes you on a wild and fantastic ride through some of the most mind bogglin, head scratchin,  face scrunchin, downright ridiculous names that you have ever heard and some that you wish you hadn't. 

   Most parents have no idea what it takes to put a name together for their child.  You've got to think about meaning, origin and sometimes even the spelling.  Sure there are plenty of Amanda's, Sarah's Michael's and Joe's, but wouldn't it be nice to be different?  To be unique and have a name that's different from all the rest?  Being named for your parent's favorite car, perfume or designer is only the beginning.  Food, liquor, body parts even bodily fluids are high on the "dare to be different list of possibilities.

   The art of "name calling" has fast become the newest fashion trend especially among celebrities.  Traditional names have taken a back seat to such labels as "Expensive, Cigarette and Strawberry."  Not to mention unusual surnames that are no longer bringing up the rear.  Names that reflect power, style, status or those that are simply meant to grab your attention have found a permanent place in name game society.

      There is absolutely nothing wrong with having an unusual name, but where do we draw the line?  How do we determine if we have gone too far?  This is why we send a reprimanding "Word to your Mother" for coming up with such outlandish titles.

   So, remember to all the Jennifer's, Alicia's Brandon's and Christopher's in the world, if you happen to meet a girl named "Ozzanae, Daeshauniqua or "Cocaine" it's no wonder where her parents found the name.  Don't be afraid, be daring, be exciting, be OUTRAGEOUS!


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About the author (2007)

   I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio.  As a single mother I am truly blessed to be in the position of accomplishing one of my goals to have my work published.  I started writing only a few years ago getting my feet wet with short stories and an autobiography for the lead singer of a popular R&B music group.

   Growing up I was shy so writing became my alternative form of communication. I have a very creative mind which is why I chose to write about unusual names.  I like to think of myself as an innovator and I wanted to create something that everyone could enjoy.

   I would love for my readers to take this journey with me to new beginnings.  Thank you for the opportunity.   

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