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Use in Literature OutreachingThe flower exhibits itself at the tip of the vine; the instinct develops itself at the farthest outreach of life; and the point where it clamors for satisfaction is at the greatest possible distance from its birthplace.ndash;James Lane Allen in The Bride of the Mistletoe.The outreaching suction of the rapids was already gripping the scow, and with mighty strokes he fought to work the head of his craft toward the westward shore.ndash;James Oliver Curwood in The Valley Of Silent Men.The pedigree of this usage is derived from so many descents of ages that the cause and author outreach the remembrance.ndash;Daniel Defoe in From London to Land's End.He saw a disturbance of the shadows cast by the thick boughs over the cart path by a long outreach of darker shadow which he knew at once for that of a man.ndash;Mary Wilkins Freeman in Copy-Cat & Other Stories.Godfrey, by a kind of instinct, sped at once to the willow log by the stream, where, through an outreaching of the long arm of coincidence, he found Isobel seated.ndash;H. Rider Haggard in Love Eternal.He was the spirit of regnant labor as he stood there, his hands outreaching to rend and crush his audience.ndash;Jack London in The Iron Heel.Jerry wriggled his body in delight of obeying, and would loyally have presented his head to her outreaching caress of hand, had not the strangeness and difference of her deterred him.ndash;Jack London in Jerry of the Islands.The small number of web surfers currently limits both their outreach and their survivability.ndash;Shmuel Vaknin in After the Rain.What God wants of us Is that outreaching bigness that ignores All littleness of aims, or loves, or creeds, And clasps all Earth and Heaven in its embrace.ndash;Ella Wheeler Wilcox in Maurine and Other Poems.If, through my foolish and outreaching slyness with the girl behind the counter, the door of my comprehension had been shut, Juno had now opened it sufficiently wide for a number of facts to come crowding in, so to speak, abreast.ndash;Owen Wister in Lady Baltimore. Nonfiction Usage Bibliographic UsageCenter on Rural Elderly, University of Missouri. Publisher of Seniors outreaching seniors (kit): SOS for caregivers: county extension program guide. Publisher: Center on Rural Elderly, University of Missouri (Columbia, MO). Published in 1990.

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