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Use in Literature OverwinteringMany favas can be overwintered: sow in October, sprout on fall rains, grow over the winter, and dry down in June with the soil.ndash;Steve Solomon in Gardening Without Irrigation: or without much, anyway.Overwintered bulb onions handle the rest of the year.ndash;Steve Solomon in Gardening Without Irrigation: or without much, anyway.The only important cauliflowers suitable for dry gardening are overwintered types.ndash;Steve Solomon in Gardening Without Irrigation: or without much, anyway.The area is then tilled and fertilized, making space to transplant overwintered spring cabbages, other overwintered brassicas, and winter scallions in October.ndash;Steve Solomon in Gardening Without Irrigation: or without much, anyway. Nonfiction Usage Patent UsageCOVER FOR BEEHIVES: Patented by Theodore R. Kretschmann on February 1, 1989. Abstract: A protective cover is removably placed over a beehive for overwintering and utilizes an inner reflective surface to return radiant energy to the hive and an outer non-reflective surface to absorb energy into the hive. The cover may have reclosable openings therein to allow inspection of the hives.Bibliographic UsageAbul-Hab, J. K. Observations on the overwintering of A. sacharovi (anophelini, culicidae) in Suleimaniya Liwa, Northern Iraq appears in Bulletin of Endemic Diseases (Baghdad) written by J. K. Abul-Hab. Published in January 1956.Academic Press. Publisher of The overwintering, spring growth, and yield in mixed species swards, of white clover in Europe: analysis, synthesis and modelling of the results of a 10 year European Union Cooperative Organization of Science and Technology (COST814) programme of research at 12 sites in norther and upland Europe (1992-2000). Publisher: Academic Press (London; New York). Published in 2001.Allen, Kurt K. Author of Emergence and overwintering brood of Douglas-fir beetle eight years after the Clover Mist fire on the Clarks Fork Ranger District, Shoshone National Forest, Wyoming. Prepared by Kurt K. Allen. Publisher: Renewable Resources, USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Region (Golden, CO). Published in 1997.Alonso-Mejia, Alfonso. Born in 1963, authored Biology and conservation of overwintering monarch butterflies in Mexico. Published in 1996.Amdam, G. V., et al. Altered physiology in worker honey bees (Hymenoptera: Apidae) infested with the mite Varroa destructor (Acari: Varroidae): a factor in colony loss during overwintering? appears in Journal of Economic Entomology written by G. V. Amdam, K. Hartfelder, K. Norberg, A. Hagen and S. W. Omholt. Published in June 2004.Anderson, David E. Author of Control of overwintering native elm bark beetles by application of Dursban 4E to elm trees. By David E. Anderson and Norman F. Sloan and Arthur R. Hastings. Published in 1980.

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