Owl Meets Alien: Amongst Others on My Soul's Journey

Front Cover
AuthorHouse, 2003 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 164 pages

Did the most dynamic, charismatic person who ever lived, Jesus Christ, keep a diary written in his own hand? Did He chronicle what He saw, what He did, what He thought, and what He commanded? Did He leave for all humanity a blueprint for life, more detailed and direct than the gospel writers? A blueprint so life changing that the world as we know it could be turned upside down? Mysteriously, rumors of the existence of these documents surfaces, and like an earthquake, evil and holy men collide as the two sides hunt for, and covet, the most powerful words ever written. From the streets of the Vatican to the walls of ancient Avignon, France, the search is on. A pious young priest, lured into the hunt by a mysterious benefactor, is chosen to find the diary before corrupt, greedy men can get their hands on it. The priest confronts conspiracy, murder, sinister forces, and scheming Vatican officials, but pushes on to discover what may be the ultimate possession of mankind - The Fifth Gospel according to Jesus of Nazareth. Or, is it all a ruse to disguise the hunt for something else?

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