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Use in Literature OxygenatingDeutoxide of hydrogen, the oxygenated water of Thenard.ndash;Charles Babbage in On the Economy Of Machinery And Manufactures.And the air that remains in their lungs, after the blood has been fully oxygenated, makes them extraordinarily lively on dry land and in the water.ndash;Helena Pretrovna Blavatsky in From the Caves and Jungles of Hindostan.Therefore the blood is not duly oxygenated, and the whole system goes wrong.ndash;Charles Kingsley in Sanitary and Social Lectures, etc.Health is dependent upon an abundant supply of life force, upon the unobstructed, normal circulation of the vital fluids and upon perfect oxygenation and combustion.ndash;Henry Lindlahr in Nature Cure.The moist tissues suffuse carbonized blood, and there occurs an osmotic interchange between the carbon dioxid and the oxygen of the air resulting in an oxygenation of the blood, and modification of the color from dark venous to arterial red.ndash;Gould and Pyle in Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine. Nonfiction Usage Patent UsageApparatus and Method for Oxygenating Wastewater: Patented by James R. Spears, Richard Crilly, Ray Rydman, James Gessert and Steve Myrick on August 3, 2001. Abstract: A method and apparatus creates gas-enriched fluid that is used to treat wastewater. In one embodiment, the wastewater is withdrawn from a supply of wastewater to be treated, and the wastewater is delivered in an atomized manner to a vessel pressurized with gas to form gas-enriched wastewater. The gas-enriched wastewater is then delivered to the supply of wastewater to be treated.Conversion of organic substrates to oxygenates or olefins using a bicyclo imide promoter: Patented by Paul R. Kurek and David W. House on April 1, 2002. Abstract: A process for oxygenating organic substrates such as aliphatic hydrocarbons has been developed. The process involves contacting the organic substrate with oxygen in the presence of a bicyclo imide promoter and a metal co-catalyst. The process is preferably carried out using sulfolane as the solvent. Optionally, the oxygenated product can be hydrogenated to give the corresponding alcohol which can optionally in turn be dehydrated to provide the corresponding olefin.Epoxidation of olefins via certain manganese complexes: Patented by Sharon H. Jureller, Judith L. Kerschner and Robert Humphreys on March 1, 1993. Abstract: A method for epoxidizing olefins is provided wherein an olefin and an oxygenating agent are contacted together in the presence of a manganese complex catalyst having at least one manganese atom coordinated with a nitrogen-containing ligand such that the manganese atom to coordinated nitrogen atom is 1:3 and thereafter isolating the resultant epoxide product. Catalyst compositions are also provided formed from the adsorption of the manganese complex catalyst onto a solvent insoluble support.Fetal lung apparatus: Patented by William I. Cooper on February 1, 1991. Abstract: Apparatus for oxygenating the blood of a non-breathing prematurely born baby which is still attached to its umbilical cord. The apparatus includes a lung member for oxygenating blood, and an adapter for connecting venous and arterial blood vessels in the umbilical cord with the blood inlet and outlet of the lung machine.Fluid Oxygenator with Access Port: Patented by Kevin D. Mcintosh and Bruce R. Jones on April 18, 2001. Abstract: A fluid oxygenating apparatus is provided which includes a housing defining a chamber, a core positioned within the chamber including a fluid channel formed therein, and a bubble release port communicating with the outlet end of the channel. Fluid is flowed throug an inlet of the channel and bubbles are released through the bubbles release port. A method and system for debubbling a fluid in such an apparatus is also provided.Heat exchanger and blood oxygenating device furnished therewith: Patented by Eiichi Hamada, Toshio Yoshihara, Atushi Nakashima and Jun Kamo on December 1, 19

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