PHYSICIAN OF THE SOUL: Exploring the mystical meaning of the life of DR. ALBERT SCHWEITZER: Letters from a Journal

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AuthorHouse, 22. 8. 2005 - Počet stran: 416
I devoted years to the study of the teachings of one of the world’s great humanitarians, the medical missionary, theologian, philosopher, organist and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Dr. Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965).I thought about his life and pondered over his statements, such as: “When you portray me it should be not as the doctor who ministered to the sick. It is my philosophy of ‘Reverence for Life’ that I consider my primary contribution to the world”, and “Will we be able again to entertain and exercise ideals which transform reality? This is the question before us today.” I found that his words are as valid today, as when he spoke them. ‘Physician of the Soul’ I used letters I had addressed the ‘Man of the Century’, Albert Schweitzer. I used this format as a process to describe the changes in consciousness occurring as I proceed with my quest for growth, truth and understanding. I describe my childhood and my experience of marriage and divorce, to my mentor and teacher, who had become my ideal of what a human being is capable of becoming.I address the subjects of meditation, reincarnation, karma, intuition, responsibility, purpose and how they relate to our destiny. By pressing beyond the limitations of thoughts, often born of doubt, ignorance and fear, I discovered that I am a soul growing through every experience. Life is the journey, leading us to the path, not only of self-discovery, but a journey of remembrances.I talk to my teacher about the truth I discovered, that life itself is my teacher. Looking at myself has been the most painful, and at the same time, the most liberating experience of my life. I also found that comparison to someone else causes pain, suffering and unhappiness. I present the reader with the opportunity to undertake his or her own courageous journey towards liberation and self-healing, as “Know Thyself” becomes the quest.

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