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Page 60 - Speaking of the houses, Dr MacCulloch says, " Such is the violence of the wind in this region, that not even the solid mass of an Highland hut can withstand it. The house is therefore excavated in the earth, the wall required for the support of the roof scarcely rising two feet above the surface. The roof itself is but little raised above the level, and is covered with a great weight of turf, above which is the thatch — the whole being surrounded by turf stacks to ward off the gales.
Page 287 - ... into contact. By giving the authority for the specific name in preference to all others, the inquirer is referred directly to the original description, habitat, &c. of the species, and is at the same time reminded of the date of its discovery ; while genera, being less numerous than species, may be carried in the memory, or referred to in systematic works without the necessity of perpetually quoting their authorities.
Page 12 - ... inside lagoon overlying the central stunted and dead portions. The possibility of such a sequence of events was likewise recognised by Darwin. " If a bank, either of rock or of hardened sediment," he says, " lay a few fathoms submerged, the simple growth of the coral, without the aid of subsidence, would produce a structure scarcely to be distinguished from a true atoll.
Page 109 - Kermode be a Committee for the purpose of obtaining (with the consent of the Master and Elder Brethren of the Trinity House and of the Commissioners of Northern Lights) observations on the Migration of Birds at Lighthouses and Lightships, and of reporting upon the same at the meeting of 1883 ; that Mr. J. Cordeaux be the Secretary, and that the sum of 20Z.
Page 57 - M'Cloyd of Lewis, with certain reistit muttan, and mony reistit foulis. Within this ile there is ane chapell, callit St. Ronay's chapell, unto quhilk chapell, as the ancients of the country alledges, they leave an spaid and ane shuil, quhen any man dies, and upon the morrow findes the place of the grave markit with an spaid, as they alledge.
Page 60 - Kamschatkan hut ; receiving no other light than that from the smoke hole, being covered with ashes, festooned with strings of dried fish, filled with smoke, and having scarcely an article of furniture. Such is life in North Rona ; and though the women and children were half naked, the mother old, and the wife deaf, they appeared to be contented, well fed, and little concerned about what the rest of the world was doing.
Page 218 - ... compact, very hard, infusible, hornstone-like siliceous rock, with splintery fracture and dark color, and is impregnated with carbonaceous material and iron oxide. It occurs in beds made up of layers from 1 to 4 inches in thickness, and is traversed by numerous joints, and veined with quartz. . . . The Kieselschiefer beds are, in almost all the cases I have seen, intensely crumpled, and bent into sharply-defined folds, in a way which shows them to have been quite plastic at the time of their...
Page 320 - a long acute tip," which does not appear in Lesueur's, but which may very well have been present originally, for the posterior extremity of the type specimen has been injured. The arms are not complete, " except those of the third and fourth pairs, which are nearly equal in length, the ventral ones a little the shortest and most slender " in both specimens. In both specimens, too, " the arms are all united together by a thin, delicate basal web, which extends up some distance between the arms, ....
Page 12 - The central portion of the colony or clump of coral will gradually be placed at a disadvantage, as compared with the peripheral parts of the mass, in being further removed from the food supply, and will consequently dwindle and die. In proportion as the reef approaches the sea-level, these central parts are brought into increasingly uncongenial conditions, until at last an outer ring of vigorous growing coral-reef encircles an inside lagoon overlying the central stunted and dead portions.
Page 266 - ... community of descent is the hidden bond which naturalists have been unconsciously seeking, and not some unknown plan of creation, or the enunciation of general propositions, and the mere putting together and separating objects more or less alike.

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