P. Ovidii Nasonis Heroides XIV, Volume 14

G. Bell, 1874 - 134 páginas

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Página 91 - Pearson on the Creed. Carefully printed from an early edition. With Analysis and Index by E. Walford, MA Post 8vo. 5s. An Historical and Explanatory Treatise on the Book of Common Prayer.
Página 85 - Dyer (TH) The History of Pompeii ; its Buildings and Antiquities. An account of the City, with a full description of the Remains, and an Itinerary for Visitors, Edited by TH DYER, LL.D. Illustrated with nearly 300 Wood Engravings, a large' Map, and a Plan of the Forum.
Página 65 - Catalogues will be sent post free on application. BIBLIOTHECA CLASSICA. A Series of Greek and Latin Authors, with English Notes, edited by eminent Scholars.
Página 87 - BIOGRAPHIES BY THE LATE SIR ARTHUR HELPS, KCB The Life of Hernando Cortes, and the Conquest of MEXICO. Dedicated to Thomas Carlyle. 2 vols.
Página 90 - The New Testament for English Readers. By the late H. Alford, DD Vol. I. Part I. 3rd Edit.
Página 101 - Rev. JE Clarke. Is.— The Scripture Miracles. By the Rev. JE Clarke. Is.— The New Testament History. By the Rev. JG Wood, MA Is.— The Old Testament History. By the Rev. JG Wood, MA Is.— The Story of Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress. Is.— The Life of Christopher Columbus. By Sarah Crompton. Is.— The Life of Martin Luther. By Sarah Crompton. Is. 16 George Bell and Sons
Página 91 - Perowne (Canon). The Book of Psalms. A New Translation, with Introductions and Notes, Critical and Explanatory.
Página 74 - Verbs, Irregular and Defective; their leading formations, tenses in use, and dialectic inflexions ; with a copious Appendix, containing Paradigms for conjugation, Rules for formation of tenses, &c. &c. By JS Baird, TCD New Edition, revised.
Página 102 - BELL'S READING-BOOKS. FOR SCHOOLS AND PAROCHIAL LIBRARIES. The popularity which the ' Books for Young Readers ' have attained is a sufficient proof, that teachers and pupils alike approve of the use of interesting stories, with a simple plot in place of the dry combination of letters and syllables, making no impression on the mind, of which elementary readingbooks generally consist.
Página 76 - DOBREE'S Adversaria. (Notes on the Greek and Latin Classics.) Edited by the late Prof. Wagner. 2 vols. DONALDSON (Dr.) The Theatre of the Greeks. With Supplementary Treatise on the Language, Metres, and Prosody of the Greek Dramatists. Numerous Illustrations and 3 Plans. By JW Donaldson, DDNS KEIGHTLEY'S (Thomas) Mythology of Ancient Greece and Italy.

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