Pacific Northwest Hydro-thermal Power Program: --a Regional Approach to Meeting Electric Power Requirements; Report to the Congress [on The] Department of the Interior [and] Department of the Army

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Page 4 - Administration will acquire from a date certain, on a cost basis, the preference customers' rights to the generating capability of nonfederally financed plants whether or not they are operable. Any costs or losses to the Bonneville Power Administration under these agreements will be borne by Bonneville Power Administration rate payers through rate adjustments if necessary.
Page 8 - BPA developed a plan for carrying forward the program or some alternative procedure which would assure the region of a future power supply and minimize financial demands on the Federal Treasury; --advising the utilities and other interested regional parties that, as long as affirmative progress was being made on such a plan, the Interior Department i One thermal plant was planned to become available by January 1982 but was included under phase I by BPA.
Page 25 - Engineers by the timely completion or acceleration of authorized power projects currently underway, initiation of those not yet underway, or the authorization...
Page 12 - ... the revenues of the Federal Columbia River Power System and the proceeds of revenue bonds, and for other purposes." Also enclosed is a section-by-section analysis of the bill. We recommend that this proposed legislation be enacted. The purpose of this bill is to shift the financing of the Department of the Interior's electric power transmission program in the Pacific Northwest from the present arrangements of funding through Federal appropriations to a self-financing basis. The Pacific Northwest...
Page 12 - Corps' program by the timely completion or acceleration of authorized power projects currently underway, initiation of those not yet underway, or the authorization and construction of economically justified power installations having a high potential for early completion.
Page 2 - Federal navigation, flood control, irrigation, or multiple-purpose projects, the Corps of Engineers, Department of the Army, and the Bureau of Reclamation, Department of the Interior...
Page 4 - None will be federally constructed, financed or owned. The committee approves implementation of the remainder of the program by the use of net billing as the means of affecting payment by the Bonneville Power Administration for part or all of the generating capacity of nonfederally financed thermal plants, under suitable agreements between Bonneville Power Administration and preference customers to accomplish this purpose.

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